Red Dead Redemption 2 – Ansel Antherton Walkthrough

Talk To Ansel Antherton is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Epilogue 1 Home of the Gentry? Mission.

How to Earn Gold Medal

  • Complete within 2 minutes 30 seconds

Talk To Ansel Antherton Walkthrough

  1. Head into Blackwater and look for Ansel Antherton in the bank
  2. Use your mini-map to locate the bank in the town
  3. Once inside the bank, a bank clerk on your right will talk to you
  4. After telling him about Ansel Antherton, proceed into the office inside the bank
  5. You’ll trigger a cutscene and when you regain control, you’ll be outside the bank again
  6. Mount your horse and ride out to Beecher’s Hope

1/6. Story-Based Sequence

This part of the mission will not have any combat. You’ll be riding into the town of Blackwater and conversing with the banker, Mr. Ansel Antherton.

Next is up: Clear Out Beecher’s Hope

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