Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Bounty Target Walkthrough

Apprehend The Bounty Target is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Epilogue 1 Gainful Employment Mission.

How to Earn Gold Medal

  • After arriving in Strawberry, locate the bounty within 30 seconds
  • After mounting your horse, catch and hogtie the bounty within 1 minute 15 seconds

Apprehend The Bounty Target Walkthrough

  1. Once you reach Strawberry, you’ll split up with Sadie to search for your target
  2. Find clues on Kirk’s whereabouts by talking to townsfolk
  3. Once you find the clue about the Welcome Center, talk to the hotel owner
  4. Head upstairs to Room 3 and knock on the door
  5. Kick down the door to find Kirk, who will start running & will jump out the window
  6. Jump down from the window & mount your horse
  7. Chase after Kirk and use your lasso to pull him from his horse
  8. Once he’s fall from his horse, dismount and tackle Kirk in order to hogtie him
  9. Pick him up and carry him to Sadie’s horse
  10. A cutscene will initiate and then the mission will end

2. Go To The Welcome Center To Find Info Nathan Kirk

In Strawberry, head straight down the path into the Welcome Center. It’s the building to the left at the end of the path, beside the Jail on the right. Go inside to talk to the hotel owner to get your clue.

7. Get Near The Target To Lasso Him

It’s best to lose the distance between you and the target so you can effectively lasso him and pull him from his horse.

7. Aim The Lasso At Kirk’s Torso

Aim & throw the lasso over Kirk’s torso, this will help pull him down from his horse.

7/9. Killing The Target Will Fail The Mission

Be sure not to be too aggressive with Kirk or run him over with your horse or you could kill him and fail this mission.

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