Red Dead Redemption 2 – Escape With John Walkthrough

How to Earn Gold Medal Get 7 headshots while covering Sadie from the lighthouse After Sadie […]

How to Earn Gold Medal

  1. Get 7 headshots while covering Sadie from the lighthouse
  2. After Sadie is captured, reach Abigail and Sadie within 1 minute
  3. Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  4. Complete the mission without taking any health items

Escape With John Walkthrough

  • Once you reach Dutch and his camp, you’ll start another cutscene
  • After the sequence, deal with the enemies shooting at you
  • Move into the caves as soon as John prompts you to
  • Keep going through the caves until you reach the exit where another cutscene will trigger
  • After the cutscene, you’ll be riding with John through the forest to escape the Pinkertons & Dutch and his gang
  • Keep following John until your horse gets shot & you’ll see another cutscene
  • Once the cutscene is finished, eliminate the men shooting at you

After you’ve gotten rid of them, another cutscene will start and you will be faced with a choice:

CHOICE A: Help John Get To Safety
CHOICE B: Return For The Money

1. Choose To Help John Or Get The Money

In this mission, you’ll be faced with a decision – either to help John or go back for the money. This is important as it changes the setting for the final part of the game.

Choice A: Help John Get To Safety

  • CHOICE A: After making your decision, follow John up the rocks
  • CHOICE A: Men will be chasing after you as you make your way up the rocks with John
  • CHOICE A: Shoot at them until you get a cutscene
  • CHOICE A: After the cutscene, eliminate more enemies to cover John’s escape until Micah shows up
  • CHOICE A: Face off with him and fight him with your fists
  • CHOICE A: Block Micah’s moves & punch him until you initiate a cutscene
  • CHOICE A: After the scene, break free from Micah’s choke hold on your throat
  • CHOICE A: Keep beating at Micah and blocking his hits until you get another cutscene
  • CHOICE A: During this scene, crawl to the gun until Dutch appears
  • CHOICE A: Chapter 6 will end after Dutch, Micah, and Arthur have their last conversation

Use The Rocks As Cover From Enemy Fire

Rocks are the only means of cover you can use during this stand-off. Be sure to utilize them to keep yourself safe as many enemies will be shooting at you.

Press Block Before Micah Swings At You

To block Micah’s attackes, you need to press your “Block” button right before he swings at you. This is important because he can really beat down on you if you don’t block him.

Block Then Break Free

When Micah pushes you down, block his punches when he swings at you. You need to do this several times so you can break free from his hold and initiate the final cutscene.

Choice B: To Be Confirmed

Red Dead Redemption Escape With John quest is completed.

**Congratulations! Red Dead Redemption 2 Main Story is completed.**

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