Red Dead Redemption 2 – Fast Travel in a Stagecoach

How to fast travel in a stagecoach

Red Dead Redemption 2 also allows you to fast travel by using a stagecoach. The stations are marked with a telegraphic pole icon – a ticket can be “purchased” by clicking on the pole that marks the stop (a stagecoach doesn’t have to be there although it is possible that the vehicle will be present) Just like with trains, the amount of money you have to pay depends on the distance. The prices are similar.

A stagecoach’s advantage is that it can reach more places than a train, i.e. to Strawberry, a town located in mountains. Contrary to what has been said in the previews, your horse will wait for you after arriving in a stagecoach.

Additional note – You can’t travel in a stagecoach if there is bounty for your head (i.e. after committing a crime) Remember to pay the bounty first before you use a stagecoach (you can do that at any post office)

Fast travel in a stagecoach guide is done.

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