Red Dead Redemption 2 – Fast Travelling in a Train

How to fast travelling in a train The game has a well-developed railway network – trains […]

How to fast travelling in a train

The game has a well-developed railway network – trains travel accordingly to the schedule. Arthur Morgan can visit a train station or a train stop and buy a ticket to travel to another place (even to stations that he hasn’t visited yet). The travelling process is presented in a cut-scene – you don’t have to wait for the train.

Travelling by a train costs money – the amount you have to pay depends on how far away your destination is from your location. The prices aren’t high, however, paying a dozen of dollars for a train trip when you are only a few hours into the game can hurt. The advantage of using trains is that you reach your destination in several dozens of seconds. Also, your horse will wait for you next to a station.

You can also jump into a moving train – this can be done either on foot or when you are riding on a horse. However, the train must move slowly. Here, you move around the entire map and stop on every train stop. Remember that this solution allows you to jump out of a train whenever you want. Arthur can’t leave a train if he bought a ticket on a station.

Note – Unless Arthur whistles, your horse won’t follow you when you decide to jump into a train. After that the horse will follow its owner. The animal stops on a station or when you decide to jump out.

Fast travel is available only to locations that have train tracks, i.e. towns such as Saint Denis, Valentine, Annesburg and Rhodes. There are also stops located in complete wilderness.

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