Red Dead Redemption 2 – Fix the Fence Walkthrough

Fix the Fence is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Epilogue 1 Farming, for Beginners Mission.

How to Earn Gold Medal

  • Fix the first section of fence in 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Avoid being hit by the bull

Fix the Fence Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Mr. Dickens to start this mission
  2. Swing your arm to hammer in the post
  3. After setting the post up, position the 3 rails and align them to complete the first part of the fence
  4. Move onto the 2nd fence and pick up the post
  5. Swing your arm to hammer in the 2nd post and trigger a timeskip cutscene
  6. Once the cutscene ends, position and align the last rail until you’re called over to the corral

2. Only Need 4 Hits To Hammer In Post

You only need to press “swing” 4 times to hammer in the post before it stands erect and you can put the rails in to build the fence.

3. Align 3 Rails To Complete Fence

You need to align 3 rails to complete the fence. There’s no right order to align & position them as long as they are level and parallel with each other.

Next is up: Tame the Bull

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