Red Dead Redemption 2 – Harmonica For Sadie, Find & Location

As you complete the story in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can get a harmonica. At first glance this item does not have any use, but it can become a gift. On this page we suggest where to find a harmonica and who from the Dutch gang should get it from you.

  • Harmonica Location
  • Harmonica Gift for Sadie

Harmonica Location

You can find the harmonica in the area shown in the picture – Emmet Granger’s farm next to the Flatneck Station. Emmet is one of the wild west cowboys visited as part of the side task of The Noblest of Man, and a Woman. The harmonica is inside the building.

Harmonica Gift For Sadie

After you advance to the third chapter of the game, you will go shopping to Rhodes and Arthur will be accompanied by Sadie (Further Questions of Female Suffrage mission) in the expedition. On the way back to the camp you will find out that Sadie would very much like to have a harmonica.

After completing the mission, you can find Sadie in the camp and give her a harmonica – hold down the left trigger and press the donation button. Sadie will pay back with a small gift. It will appear on the chest next to Arthur’s bed after some time.

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