Red Dead Redemption 2 – How To Get Scoped Rifle?

Create Sniper Rifle

In Red Dead Redemption 2, a scope is useful in eliminating targets located far away from your character. This item is also helpful in hunting. Thanks to a scope you can prepare yourself to take a shot without a risk of scaring an animal. On this page you can check how to get a scope in RDR 2. By doing that you will create a sniper rifle.

The problem with having no scope can be solved rather easily – visit any of the Gunsmiths. One of them is in Valentine, the town that you reach at the beginning of the second chapter.

Speak with a gunsmith. Select the Customize option. After that you will open the Components menu.

Select Scope from the list of components. After that you can select one of the scopes.

Note – Scopes are installed separately for every weapon. You can be forced to, i.e. buy one scope for your favorite repeater rifle and one for your favorite carbine. Install a scope to get a sniper rifle.

After you have completed certain parts of the game’s story, you can also get a ready-made sniper rifle. This is the task “The Sheep of the Goats” commissioned by John Marston, which involves stealing sheep and bringing them to the farm. This is one of the final main tasks of the second chapter of the campaign. In order to complete this mission, the heroes will visit a gun shop in Valentine and you will be able to choose Rolling Block Rifle from the offer for free.

Depending on the type of rifle, the hero will automatically use the scope or it will be attached to an alternative weapon targeting method. In the latter case, press the down key on the pad’s cross while aiming so that Arthur can use the optics.


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