Red Dead Redemption 2 – Leave The Camp Alive

The quest Leave The Camp Alive is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 The Fine Art Of Conversation Chapter.

Gold Medal Checklist

  1. Kill a pursuers horse during the escape
  2. Complete wihtin 9 minutes 30 seconds
  3. Complete with at least 75% accuracy
  4. Complete the mission without taking any health items

Leave The Camp Alive Walkthrough

  • In the tent, you will overhear a conversation between 2 soldiers.
  • Eavesdrop on the conversation.
  • After Rains Fall and Colonel Favours finish their conversation, he will have Monroe arrested.
  • You will grab the nearest guard, take him hostage, and demand to release Monroe.
  • Once Monroe is at your side, back up slowly to your horse, and release the hostage.
  • Mount your horse and escape the camp with Captain Monroe.
  • Kill the pursuing soldiers.
  • Defend Monroe once his horse is shot.
  • Once no more soldiers are attacking your position, mount your horse, and wait for Monroe to ride with you.
  • Take Monroe to the station while fending off the last few pursuers.

1. Don’t Release The Hostage Until You Reach Your Horse

As soon as you release the hostage soldier, the camp will immediately start firing at you. Make sure that you are near your horse to be able to mount it immediately and make a quick getaway.

2. Switch Covers Often

Reposition yourself habitually when holding your position against attackers. They will be coming from all sides to try and surround you. Make sure to move around the area so you aren’t pinned down by the enemy.

Red Dead Redemption Leave The Camp Alive is completed.

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