Red Dead Redemption 2 – Milk A Cow Walkthrough

Milk A Cow is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Epilogue 1 Simple Pleasures Mission.

How to Earn Gold Medal

  • When milking, fill a bucket within 10 seconds
  • Complete within 5 minutes 15 seconds

Milk A Cow Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Mr. Dickens to start this mission
  2. Follow Abe through the ranch until Jack & Abigail drive up into the house
  3. After the cutscene, continue to follow Abe through the ranch until you reach the cow shed
  4. A cutscene will start and you’ll regain control to start milking the cows
  5. Milk the cows by following the on-screen button prompts until you fill up 3 buckets
  6. Once you’re done, you’ll get another cutscene

5. Alternate Pressing Down Buttons To Milk Cow

You need to follow on-screen instructions to milk the cow. Alternate pressing them down to milk the cow fast and efficiently.

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