Red Dead Redemption 2 – Old Friends Walkthrough

The mission Old Friends is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter one. It can be started after Enter, Pursued by a Memory, at the same time as The Aftermath of Genesis.

This guide highlights mission strategies and Medal requirements.

Gold Medal Checklist

  • Catch and hogtie Kieran within 45 seconds
  • Kill 3 O’Driscolls in the same Dead Eye use
  • Complete within 15 minutes 30 seconds
  • Get 15 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Head to the point on your map marking Bill Williams to start the mission. After a short confrontation, you’ll end up on horseback outside.

Follow Dutch – you’re going to find the O’Driscolls. Word is they’re planning a train heist, and your plan is to swipe their plans, and make this hit yourselves instead.

You’ll learn Dutch killed Colm O’Driscoll’s brother, and Colm killed someone important to him, explaining their feud on the way.

Once you come across a smokestack, you’ll stop to work on getting a sense of the layout of the camp. Follow Dutch up the hill, then spy on the O’Driscoll’s while you have the binoculars. Focus on Colm – he has on a tie, is on a horse, and is talking to a man on foot.

After watching enough, Dutch will suggest you pay your “friends” a visit, and he reminds you to equip your rifle at your horse.

You can now equip multiple firearms.

Follow Dutch closer to your target, and equip a weapon if you haven’t already when it prompts you. Dutch will ask you where you want to take the lead, or to send your gang in first.


[su_note]We chose to take the lead here to get a guaranteed headshot while the enemy is unaware. Getting 15 headshots is part of the Gold Medal requirements for Old Friends, so try only to aim at heads.[/su_note]

Tip: After shooting someone, stop aiming your gun. Then, when you re-aim at a new enemy, the auto-target will kick in, making your shots easier.

Take out the O’Driscolls. The minimap will show you where your enemies are, noted by red dots. Once they’ve been dealt with, loot everything. However, soon, more will appear from the south.

Get ready. Press R3 to activate Dead Eye to help you dispatch the rest of the enemy gang.


[su_note]As you as you can activate Dead Eye, find a vantage point with three O’Driscolls within view, ideally all close to eachother. This way, you can easily knock out one of this missions Gold Medal requirements – take out three O’Driscolls with the same Dead Eye use. And, remember, don’t consume any health items during this mission to complete another requirement.[/su_note]

After this wave of enemies has been defeated, continue looting the bodies and the buildings. You’ll have to approach Dutch to trigger your gang into action – you can loot while they search as well. He’ll tell you to search the house on the left. It’s from his horse’s perspective, and it’s the biggest building.


[su_note]You must complete this entire mission under 15 minutes to get the Gold Medal, so loot quickly![/su_note]

There’s a small chest, and a big chest in the building. Interacting with the big chest, marked dynamite, will trigger a short cutscene. You’ll find information about the train the O’Driscolls were planning on robbing, and of a new person of interest – Leviticus Cornwall.

Follow Dutch back toward your camp. Eventually, you’ll find a stray O’Driscoll, who you’re tasked with capturing alive.


[su_note]You must catch up with, and capture this O’Driscoll in 45 seconds to meet a Gold Medal requirement. He’s going to turn right, so hug the right bank of the river right to catch up to him fast.[/su_note]

Equip your Lasso. Hold L2 to aim the lasso, and R2 to release it – you can aim from pretty far away, and the reticle will turn red once you’re in range. Once you lasso him, continue holding L2 while you dismount with Triangle/Y, and approach him to complete the task by hogtying him.

Pick up Kieren and put him on the back of your horse – the minimap will show you the fastest route back to camp. Follow the yellow line.

Once you’re back at camp, a cutscene will trigger. The end of the mission.

If you have completed The Aftermath of Genesis, continue on to Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Old Friends is done.

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