Red Dead Redemption 2 – Retrieve The Relics Walkthrough

The quest Retrieve The Relics is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Archeology For Beginners Chapter.

Gold Medal Checklist

  • Plant the dynamite within 1 minute 35 seconds
  • Escape the oncoming train within 19 seconds

Retrieve The Relics Walkthrough

  • Help Rains Fall look for any clues as to what happened to the Chanupa.
  • Meet Rains Fall at the cliff by the campsite to discuss the clues you’ve found.
  • Discover the smoke coming from another nearby campsite.
  • Head to the other campsite to check out of the Chanupa is there.

CHOICE A: Retrieve the relics stealthily.
CHOICE B: Go in the camp guns blazing.

Select B

  • CHOICE B: Clear out the camp of enemies.
  • CHOICE B: Search the camp for the Chanupa.
  • Return to Rains Fall with the recovered relics.

Use Eagle Eye To Easily Find Clues

While searching the trashed camp site for clues, you will be able to easily find clues or objects of interest by using Eagle Eye. This highlights objects of interest that will help you move the story forward.

CHOICE B: Use A Shotgun To Make Quick Work Of Enemies

As enemies will be in close proximity to you in the campsite, the weapon of choice would be the shotgun to blow enemies away with its high damage at close range.

Red Dead Redemption Retrieve The Relics quest is completed.

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