Where to Sell Valuables in RDR2

Sell Valuables

One of the best ways to get your hands on other people’s valuable items without paying for them is to loot dead bodies. While you might think that doing this isn’t hurting anyone (the person is dead, after all), this is an illegal activity and will put the law onto you if you’re spotted taking what doesn’t belong to you. The best time to steal from a corpse is when no one is around, so just hold tight until the area is clear before plunging into a dead man’s pockets.

To sell off your valuables and stolen items in Red Dead Redemption 2, you need a fence — a merchant who doesn’t care whether they’re buying stolen goods or not. Valuables include items like pocket watches, rings, belt buckles, and jewels, and can fetch a good price. In fact, near the start of the game, they can be your best source of income.

But where can you sell these valuables? Well, to unlock the game’s first fence, you’re going to have to progress through the story a little. In Chapter 2, you need to complete a main story mission called The Spines of America, in which you’re tasked with stealing a stagecoach.

The man that you sell this stagecoach to is called Seamus, and you can return to him once the mission is complete in order to sell your valuables for money. Simply find him during the day just to the side of the big barn at Emerald Ranch, and he’ll take all your valuables for a good price.

There are other fences scattered around the map and you’ll likely come across them as you progress through the game, but Seamus is the first one you’ll earn the services of.

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