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Repella Fella Prologue Walkthrough

Welcome to our Repella Fella Prologue Walkthrough & Achievements 100% guide. This guide will show you […]

Welcome to our Repella Fella Prologue Walkthrough & Achievements 100% guide. This guide will show you achievements and everything you need!

Repella Fella Prologue Walkthrough & Achievements 100%

The game has checkpoints at the start of chapters and one manual save slot. Cutscenes can be skipped by holding ESC. Save is wiping after finishing the game.


1. Go right to the barman and ring the bell.
2. Look into the sewer in front of the door to locate keys
3. Go back to the car and pick up picklocks from a fence
4. Use it on sewer (don’t click on tutorial it take some time and isn’t necessary)
5. Hold picklock and use combination from left 3214


6. Give keys to the barman

Here are 3 options to choose and all 3 rewarding with achievement
Reload save to get all of them


1. Just run here to get ‘Die’ achievement
2. Reload checkpoint
3. Now you have to avoid traps. Just click on them from a distance
(Leafs, Steel rope and plank on the ground)
4. Open the door. Next choices are irrevelant until chapter 4


1. Go right and use machine to notice missing tape
2. Pick up cooking thing from the ground and use it on dead guy’s hands
3. Take the tape and use it on the machine then use valve in a middle
4. Use valve again to kill boar and again to open the vault
5. Enter there



Immediately after receiving an achievement at the end of the game press Alt+F4 to prevent save wipe

SAVE HERE and MAKE BACKUP (just in case):

C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalrepellafellaUser Data

1. Interact with the machine on left wall and choose first option
2. Go to the right side and talk to the radio. Ask about food (and something more) and go to sleep
3. Press Alt+F4 right after receiving an achievement !!!

Restart the game and reload last checkpoint

4. Interact with the machine once again and choose second option this time
5. Continue to the end of the chapter as above

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