ZERO Sievert Beginners Guide

Welcome to our ZERO Sievert Beginners Guide. Just a simple guide for new players to hopefully […]

Welcome to our ZERO Sievert Beginners Guide. Just a simple guide for new players to hopefully make your experience easier. Tips come from personal experience in the game. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the ZERO Sievert game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our ZERO Sievert guide.

ZERO Sievert Beginners Guide

Just a simple guide for new players to hopefully make your experience easier. Tips come from personal experience in the game.

Spawning In

You can do these in any order just make sure you do all of them.

*I recommend doing this first* Go to the bar (Middle Left) and trade with the barkeep to buy rotten bread and non-purified water. These can be crafted into bread and water that aren’t irradiated.

Talk to the barkeep to get his quest. (Middle Left)

Talk to the doctor to get his quest. (Bottom Right)

Go outside of the bunker and talk to the train conductor for his quest.

Head to your base/room (all the way to the middle left) and putting extra items into the stash/storage. You only need one food item (bread), one water, and all the meds you spawn with. Put the rest into the stash.

When your ready talk to the train conductor to head into the zone. Make sure you have meds, food, and water!

Choose the forest map. (Makeshift camp is not worth going to)


The people you encounter when killed will always drop the gun they’re currently using and sometimes have meds, ammo, or food/drink.

Green Army (Neutral)
Human with Green Helmet and Armor. Will shoot creatures/enemies. Will turn Hostile if shot.

Scientist (Neutral)
Human with yellow suites that spawn in or around anomalies. Will shoot creatures/enemies. Will turn Hostile if shot.

Bandit (Hostile)
Human with Gray clothing and helmet. Run if you see one as they’re never alone. Pretty easy to take out from a distance.

Hunter (Hostile)
Human with red-ish/tan clothing and helmet. Typically I would run away as they usually have snipers/rifles that do alot of damage. Often alone.


Rabbit (Passive)
Brown bunny that runs away from player. Good source of pelt and raw meat to sell.

Wolf (Hostile)
Gray wolf that runs away from the player when alone and towards its pack. (4-5 wolves) Good source of raw meat and wolf pelt. If you encounter a pack stay far away and shoot as they just stand there for some reason.

Boar (Hostile)
Big pig with large tusks that will charge the player. Very fast and high damage. I recommend running away unless you have a good amount of ammo and sprint bar. Drops raw meat, boar tusk, and boar pelt.


Ghoul (Hostile)
White ghoul that only spawns in the town. Very fast and hard to shoot. Hard to deal with without a weapon with high fire rate. They’re the reason why I would avoid the town early in the game.

Buildings/Anomalies – ZERO Sievert Beginners Guide

Be very careful when approaching buildings as sometimes they may have enemies nearby. (Enemies are never inside surprisingly)

Abandoned Shack/Shed/House:
Run down shack in the woods. Sometimes has a fence around it that you can’t see over. Sometimes has loot inside or outside in a box. Good source of materials and food.
You might bump into a passive human named Igor who will give you a quest inside one of these buildings. Doing his quest will have him loot for you and place it in a box in his house.

Bandit Base:
A wooden fenced off box with watchtowers. The main way to tell that it’s a bandit base is the red/rusty barricades at the entrances. Typically guarded by 2-3 bandits (Usually two inside and one outside)

Green Army Base:
A wooden fenced rectangle/square area. If you don’t see red/rusty barricades it usually is the green army. You can walk in and loot their stuff and they won’t care.

Location marked as gray on the map. Has quest items inside but very dangerous without good equipment. Avoid until your ready.

Honestly not worth going after as it uses alot of meds.

Red Crystal:
Area where there’s a red crystal surrounded by invisible flame mines essentially. Avoid if you don’t have enough meds but the crystal is worth alot of money.

Green Crystal:
Area where there’s a green crystal surrounded by invisible poison mines essentially. Avoid if you don’t have enough meds but the crystal is worth alot of money.

Tips for the Zone

-Do not walk near the train as it’s leaving it will kill you. (I tried it :P)

-Personally I turned off dynamic grass and decrease grass amount to zero (video settings) so I can see movement better.

-Make sure you listen carefully as you can sometimes hear enemies nearby.

-Make sure to equip meds into the hotbar.

-Bandages stop bleeding.

-Improvised Medkit and T-300 heal health.

-White Medkit closes wounds for health that can’t be healed (wound closure).

-Pressing J (default key) will bring up a pip-boy for you to see tasks.

-You can hold left click to aim now sights and see further away.

-You can unload guns from corpses by right clicking.

-If you happen to find any of the EC guns they’re very good with good accuracy, mag size, and fire rate. Ammo is more common for them as well.

-Starting out I would avoid the town (gray in the middle of the map) until you have at least two guns and a decent amount of ammo.

-If you come across a gun fight stay back and wait for the people to finish. Then slowly head in and take out the enemies. This is a good way for good loot and what I did for most of my runs.

-You don’t have to loot everything! Being greedy killed alot of my runs. Being slow in this game is a death sentence.

-If your almost full carry weight head to an extraction point and leave.

Extraction and Back to Base

When you decide to leave you need to head to the green circles on the map (m key) to leave. Take your time getting there and don’t just run. Upon reaching the circle text should show up saying extracting in 5 and count down. Just stand still and wait.

Back to Base:
Once you get back to base put loot into the storage, sell items to the barkeep, and have the doctor repair your armor.

*You actually have multiple tabs in the stash!*

Good items to sell are raw meat, pelts, and technology. (USB drives, power banks, watches, etc) Everything else you can scrap.

Use the beds at the top of the bunker to sleep and recharge your energy.

I do recommend making sure that you sleep the night off as entering the zone at that time is just a death sentence. (Dark and low vision)

Nighttime is from 8pm – 8am (20:00 – 08:00)

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