Resident Evil 2 – Ada’s Segment Assisted Mode

Ada’s Segment

As you travel the tunnels you will collect x2 boxes of 9mm ammo before dropping down into the water, and trigger the croc-sequence, during which right at the start stay far left of the screen, then far right of the screen, and finally cross back over to the far left down the slope and shoot the yellow gas pipe, wait for ada to lower the ladder and then continue to follow her into the sewer network

1. As you take control of ada, click on the ladder leading to the airvent in front of you and obtain the “EMF Visualizer” use this to hack the airvent and blow it open. yellow cables indicate the flow of power between points.

2. Go throught the vent system and hack the second airvent, and just before you drop down, send the flow of power to the electonic door. drop down and quickly run through the door into the next section.

3. Switch to your handgun move forward and collect the 9mm ammo from the barrels at the end of the gangwalk, near the top of the stairs…

You will now navigate to the part of the map where the circle reticule is located and hack the power panel to transfer the flow of power to the next electonic door. Whilst at this location there is another box of 9mm ammo in the corner….

4. Head to the lift…

Have your EMF active, once you activite the life run as fast as possible around to the back of the room annette is seen in, to the right of the locked door is a panel that you hack and then quickly pull the level to open the door, once open hack the panel near the door, to send power flow to the next airvent…

Collect the 9mm ammo from the table, and then hack the airvent and jump through it !!

5. Proceed to the “incinerator” go up the stairs and pull the lever, before entering the “furance” and collecting the “ID wristband” a cutscene will now follow…

Be ready with the EMF device to your lower right side is a power panel, as soon as possible follow these instructions…

  • Hack the lower right panel
  • Hack the yellow panel above the furnance door
  • Hack the middle junction box on the same side as the lower right panel
  • Hack next door panel
  • Hack the middle junction box on the opposite side
  • Hack the final door panel

6. Contine through the marked door, that requires the wristband ID, and trigger the final ada cutscene…

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