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Blue Spade Key How to Find?

The first of the three keys you’ll need to progress, the Blue Spade Key can be found on the third floor of the western section of the police station. Begin by grabbing the knife from Marvin and work your way through the outer corridors. It goes without saying, be sure to search each room as you go so you have enough ammo, healing supplies, and anything else that will aid in fending off the undead.

You’ll eventually find yourself in the operations room. To exit, look for a small window and climb through. From here you’ll be faced with another corridor. Follow it round and on your left should be the safety deposit room, and on the right, the dark room. Just a little north of the dark room is a set of stairs. Follow them up to the top and look for an unnamed room. Inside this room, on a desk with a lamp and the world’s oldest radio is the blue spade key.


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