Resident Evil 2 Leon Find a Way to Get Underground

Leon – Find a Way to Get Underground Walkthrough

Marvin thinks that the notebook you found might be the key to getting out alive, but you’ll need to find 3 medallions to place at the foot of the large statue near Marvin. He’ll also give you a Combat Knife – a sub-weapon you can ready to slice at foes or use to ward off attackers when being grabbed.

Take care with the knife – they have limited durability and will use up around a fourth of its condition when used to stop something grabbing you. After that, it can only be retrieved once you kill whatever you’ve stuck it in. You can also use the knife in a pinch to make sure a downed zombie is down for good: If they start moaning on the floor when you slice them, they’ll be getting back up soon unless you stop them.

Leaving Marvin in the Main Hall, it’s time to do some treasure hunting. According to the Officer’s Notebook, the three statues that hold the medallions include a lion, a unicorn, and a woman with a vase. As it turns out, one of them is just above you on the second floor!

Obtain the Lion Medallion

Head up the stairs to the second floor and reference your notebook: The three symbols you need to align from left to right are a lion, leafy branch, and a bird.

Confirm this selection and a secret compartment will open to give you the Lion Medallion.

Next is up: Find the Unicorn Medallion

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