Resident Evil 2 Leon Return to the Main Hall

Leon – Return to the Main Hall Walkthrough Once you pull what’s left of him through, […]

Leon – Return to the Main Hall Walkthrough

Once you pull what’s left of him through, you’ll grab his Officer’s Notebook File – which displays some odd drawings of statues and potential escape route. With the officer down, it’s time you got back to the relative safety of the Main Hall.

Unfortunately, one of the bodies you passed on the way here wasn’t quite dead, and a zombie police officer will be busting down the door to get at you. Since he’s blocking the way, pop a few shots to send him to the floor then keep running before another zombie crashes through a nearby window.

Start running down the hall – but be warned, three zombies will be staggering out from the closet by the vending machines at the end of the hall. Even if you are quick, there’s a good chance they’ll try and latch onto you and take a chunk out of your health – so try stunning them with a few headshots then running past as they stagger backward, or make sure at least one of them goes down. If you want to expend the ammo and take out the three zombies, you can check the supply closet they stumbled out of to find more Handgun Ammo and Wooden Boards.

Quickly sprint back down to the shutter, and interact with the door to wiggle out as a zombie grabs you – and a savior appears to save you from the other officer’s fate. You’ll meet Lieutenant Marvin Branagh, one of the last surviving people in this crazy museum-turned police station, who is not faring too well himself.

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