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Resident Evil 2 Leon Explore Your Surroundings

Leon Explore Your Surroundings Walkthrough As you burst into the Main Hall, you’ll find the place […]

Leon Explore Your Surroundings Walkthrough

As you burst into the Main Hall, you’ll find the place eerily deserted and devoid of life. Makeshift medical beds and debris are everywhere, and most of the doors have been barred. As you step down the small stairs to the front desk, note the First Aid Spray on a green box to your right, and some Handgun Ammo on the desk itself.

Behind the desk, you’ll find an item box stash, which you can store items in until needed (or pick up bonus items for your playthrough). Note that items like keys that have served their purpose will have a check-mark, like the Storage Room Key, so toss it in the stash or just discard it.

Looking to the right of the item box is a small laptop with a red RPD symbol. Interact with it and you’ll see one of the camera views shows an officer frantically calling for backup – and it seems to be coming from the East Hallway.

Before you head off, note that the door to the West Hallway is sealed by a box covered in yellow tape. A door further up from there needs a key with a distinct spade shape. Nearby is a large statue of a woman with three slots at the base.

Up on the stairs above you can explore the second floor landing where a lion statue holds a shield with several symbols below it, and the balcony on the west side has another spade door, and some Handgun Ammo at the very end of the balcony, while the east side leads to a Waiting Room area where you can find a Green Herb, a locked safe, and a Guide Pamphlet File on the desk. Sadly, the door leading out is yet another spade door.

Investigate the East Side

Returning to the main floor, Look for a shuttered door to the left of the entrance with a “Keep Out” sign, and pull the lever on the left to lift the shutter slightly. Crawling through to the other side, you’ll be in the dingy East Hall, which appears to be partially flooded and full of blood. Down the steps is a fuse box that’s missing a fuse, and the door to the East Office is locked. Take a right down the hall past the boarded-up door by the vending machines to travel deeper, and you’ll find a door just before a partially toppled cabinet.

Take a detour into the Press Room, and look for a light switch on the right wall. Don’t worry about the body here – in fact, you can search it for some Handgun Ammo. Returning to the hallway, push the cabinet out of the way, and then look for another left turn leading to the restrooms. Enter the one that’s not boarded up to find a First Aid Spray next to the flooding stall.

Back out in the hallway, wrap around the East Office and its chained up door towards the Watchman’s Room while minding the many bodies here. The nearby exit is locked, but you can enter the Watchman’s Room and try to save the officer by lifting up the fire safety door. The key word here is “try”.

Next is up: Leon Return to the Main Hall

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