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Resident Evil 2 Inventory Upgrades Locations

Inventory Upgrades Locations in Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 2 hero can increase the capacity of […]

Inventory Upgrades Locations in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 hero can increase the capacity of his equipment with hip pouches. This is especially important for the final stages of the game: the ability to carry a variety of weapons with you and additional ammunition for each of them, so that there is still room for medication, is a big challenge. In order not to make compromises, it is advisable to get all available bags.

Police Station, 1F

One of hip pouches is located in a safe in the East Office, 1F. Safe combination: 9-15-7

Storage Room, 3F

The second hip pouch is hard to miss. You will find it on the top floor, in the western part of the Police Station, in the Storage Room (3F). It is located on a table, right next to a note on handling the C4 explosive.

Safety Deposit Room, 1F

One of the hip pouches is located in a locker room in the Safety Deposit Room.

Get two Spare Keys to open the locker with the hip pouch.

You’ve certainly noticed one of the hidden bags in one of the closed lockers in the Safety Deposit Room, 1F. However: the terminal opening closed cabinets does not have two buttons on the panel, which prevent from opening the cabinet 203.

One of the buttons can be found at the Shower Room (2F). It is located inside a portable safe: to open it, you need to set up a sequence of consecutive buttons. When you press the two buttons in the correct order, the green LEDs will light up at the top of the panel. Discover the correct combination to open the safe. The portable safe code is generated randomly during each game.

  • To get the second button you have to go to the Police Parking later in the game. From there, go to the Morgue, where on the body table located on the left side of the room you will find a pink key of diamonds.
  • This key will allow you to open the room: Linen Room, 2F, where you will find another portable safe that hides the last button to the terminal.

Room under the parking lot

There is an entry point next to the ladder leading from the underground to the police parking lot. In the cabinet next to it you will find a bag that is easy to miss.


While searching for the rook plug, in the room next to you (which you have to pass through) you will find a small room with an elevator – on the table next to the lathe you will find another hip pouch.


To the right of the main entrance, near the reception desk, you have to go to the sleeping quarters to find a band that entitles you to pass through the second level door. Once you’ve got an item: a signal modulator, go back to this place and place it in the perimeter on the wall (after you’ve programmed it to the given signal). This way you will open all the sleeping cabins – one of them has a hip pouch.

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