Red Dead Redemption 2 – Search Caravan

Search Caravan Magicians for Sport is one of the main missions available in the third chapter […]

Search Caravan

Magicians for Sport is one of the main missions available in the third chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2. This mission is a little bit slower – the majority of it requires you to search for Trelawny.

How to unlock: After “Advertising, the New American Art”.

Walkthrough: Speak with Dutch and then with Charles. Get on your horse, and be on your way to Rhodes to find Trelawny. You’re going to a small caravan a bit north of Rhodes, by the town’s fence. Reach Trelawny’s Caravan. Search the building – examine all the clues – food on the table, bed, and bloodstains on the towel lying on the bathtub.

Get outside and activate the Eagle Eye. Follow the trail – you will reach a small camp. Speak with the people. Soon, a fight breaks out. Knock the enemy down and interrogate the second man. You now have to make a choice – kill or release the thug (this will affect your honor).

Go with Charles to the building. Watch a cut-scene. Follow three bandits – they went into the cornfield. Track them down – you can find their location by, i.e. looking for the birds or rustling in the field. The pictures above will help you with this task.

Defeat all the enemies and head to the barn. A few more enemies await you here. Go back to wounded Trelawny. Note – One of the thugs in the barn carries a unique carbine – remember to pick it up.

  • Inspect all the clues in Trelawny’s Caravan – This has been described in the walkthrough.
  • While tracking, stay within 30 feet (around 9 meters) of the Trelawny’s trail – Leave the caravan and activate the Eagle Eye. Get on the horse and follow the trail.
  • Kill 2 Bounty Hunters in the cornfields within 1 minute – Look for the birds that are scared off by the Bounty Hunters, Charles’ clues, and our pictures.
  • Complete the mission without using items that replenish health.

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