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Resident Evil 2 – Racoon Police Department Assisted Mode

Racoon Police Department Section 1 1. Work your way through the burning streets into the racoon […]

Racoon Police Department Section 1

1. Work your way through the burning streets into the racoon police department, and into the main hall collect the ammo from the counter and trigger the computer terminal and discard the petrol station key if not already done from the tutorial section of the game

2. As you head towards the marked location from the cutscene via the electronic shutter, just before you move the cupboard that is blocking your path, before you move it, enter the white double doors into the press room and collect the ammo from the corpse on the ground, then continue to the watchmans room to save elliot.

3. After obtanining Elliotts notebook from the Watchmans Room, start back tracking down the same corridoor back to the Main Hall, as you return to the location where the cupboard was blocking your passage kill the three zombies that appear in the area and grab the ammo and the planks from the small storage cupboard, before going back to the main hall

4. Once you reach the main hall you will watch a cutscene and then obtain a knife, add this to your inventory slots and proceed upstairs to 2F main hall and goto the lion statue, enter in the combination

  • Lion
  • Twig
  • Griffin

Take the lion medallion back downstairs and enter in into the slots for the secret passageway.

5. Towards the front counter there is a taped up control box, using your knife cut the tape and open the gate to recepition, grab both the ammo and the planks and then proceed out the other side of the room into the western corridoors.

6. Head down the western corridoor towards the “operations room” as you walk down the corridoors, skip the first unboarded window, and plank up the last two windows, which are shortly after passing through a open doorway.

7. Once you have entered the “operations room” via the “double red doors” collect the 9mm ammo to the left on the chair, and then walk around to the blackboard and grab the map section before hopping through the broken window into the another corridoor system.

8. Preform a 180 degree turn by pressing “Q” and collect the ammo from the corpse at the end of the corridoor before entering the “west office”

West office:

  • Grab the 9mm ammo from the lockers to your right as you enter
  • Enter the smaller office and open the safe with the combination 9-15-7
    return to the main part of the office and open the desk with the combinations (NED+MRG)
  • Combine the high capacity mag with the matilda handgun
  • Leave the office and head towards the “dark room”

9. As you approach the dark room, quickly run around the corner and grab the planks, then rapidally run back to the winow where the zombie is banging on the glass and board it up. before heading up the stairs to the second floor, where there is a female zombie, collect the ammo from her before heading up the next set of stairs to the 3F Landing, where you will find additional box of ammo on the boxes.

Around the corner there is a locker (using the combination DCM unlock it and get the MAG ammo) then enter through the broken wall section and grab the “spade key” from the table.

10. Proceed through the next corridoor to the “west storage room” grab the following items from this location…

  • Planks
  • Gunpowder
  • 9mm ammo
  • Hip pouch

Leave the room into the library, and proceed along the walkway and down the stairs, where you will enter the lounge via the door immediatley on the left as you go down the stairs.

11. Lounge, grab the map from the corkboard, and the gunpowder from the table (combine the two gunpowders into 9mm ammo and then combine ammo into exsiting slots to free inventory space) and finally enter the following combination into the unicorn statue.

  • Fish
  • Scorpion
  • water vase

12. Return to the library and leave via the “spade locked door” on the east side, grabbing the “red book” from the cabient as you pass. then head downstairs to trigger the cut scene. After the cutscene place the unicorn mediallion into the panel and unlock the “spade door” nearest your location.

Finally head upstairs to the “waiting room” on the 2F Main Hallway…

12. Waiting Room, head around back of the counter and unlock the safe with the combination  6-2-11 and combine the muzzle with your matilda handgun, exit out into the eastern corridoor via the “final spade key door” which you can then discard from your inventory slots. Turning left grab the planks from the corner before entering the “art room” where you can combine the “statue arm” & “redbook” before placing it onto the memorial statue to obtain the “scepter” which can be examined to reveal a “red jewel” and finally on your way out grab the “weapons locker keycard” from the lampside table…

13. Head down the corridoor to the “fire escape” after the cutscene grab the following items…

  • Planks
  • 9mm ammo
  • Cutting Tool

Using the cutting tool break the chain on the lower fire escape door, shoot the zombie and then board up the window with your planks, before cutting the chain into the “east office” once inside quickly run over to the window by the corpse and board it up, then from this office collect the following items…

  • 9mm ammo from the corpse by the now boarded window
  • press “Q” and collect the flashbang from the desk in front of you
  • grab the “round handle” from the little office to your left
  • finally get the electrical part from the end of the main table

Before removing the chair blocking the double doors, and head back into the main hall, using the electrical part to open the shutters.

14. Head to the “operations room” via “reception” along the way you can board up the final window in the corridoor. Once there cut open the far door with the “cutting tool” and then disgard them.

once inside the room, grab the following items…

  • Electronic Gadget
  • Flashbang
  • Planks

Now exit out the locked door, and into the “Safety deposit room” and use the keycard to obtain the shotgun and shells from the “weapons locker” on the far wall.

15. Head to the “shower room” using the stairs at the end of the corridoor near the “dark room” once inside the room you can use the round handle to stop the steam from leaking out, clearing the path forward, and grab the following items

  • Portable safe
  • 2xShotgun shells from the lockers, using combination CAP

Also take this chance to reload your shotgun, as you are going to encounter a licker in the next corridoor, As soon as you enter the corridoor pick up the shotguns shells from the sofa, then take out the licker/avoid it…

Enter the “STARS office” where you can collect the following items…
battery from the small office to your left and combine it with the Electronic Gadget Shotgun shells. Flashbang…

Next proceed all the way to the end of the corridoor and unlock the far door, enter the library via the lounge and rearrange the bookshelfs as much as you can in preparation for completing the puzzle by making a bridge across the gap, any you cant move at this point, will be done later, then…

Grab the 9mm ammo from in between the two far left bookcases, and then go up the ladder into the “west storage room” where you can place the “Electrical Gadget” on the C4. Once detonation has occured reset the fallen bookcase near the door to the library, and enter this combination into the Madien Statue:

  • Womans Head
  • Bow
  • Snake

16. Exit to the main hallway via the library again and place the final mediallion into the secret passage staute, once inside collect the shotgun ammo, and enter the lift…

Racoon Police Department Section 2

1. Quickly run through the corridoor up the staircase and board the 3rd window, using the planks in your inventory slots, then turn around and collect the shotgun ammo from the shelving and enter the “break room” at that location.

2. From the “break room” collect the following items…

  • 9mm ammo (if required) from the lockers
  • Shotgun ammo from the sink
  • Electrical Part from the bedroom chair

Leave the room and go to the other end of the corridoor where you can open the shutter using the “electric part” from the break room. If your knifes durability is low in your inventory then disgard it and exhange it with the knife sticking in the wall at the side of the electrical socket, but ensure you only have a single knife in your inventory regardless…

3. Head back to the “Main Hallway” via the “East Office” if your health is low there is a “first aid spray” canister as you enter the hallway itself, use that now if required, then head upstairs to “2F Waiting Room” exit into the “East Corridoor” turning left and use the “Crank Handle” to open the shutter, which once open you can then disgard the “Crank” and proceed up the next set of stairs…

Grab the “planks” from the “3F landing” and run back down the stairs to the basement, and quickly board the first window before the zombie breaks into the station.

Return to the “3F Landing Area” and collect the “9mm ammo” from the lockers…

4. Enter the “east storage room” and get the “large gear” from the centre of the room, and return back out the same entrance you entered the room to the “landing area” again…

This time go to the balcony and down the ladder, once the cutscene has ended, grab the 9mm ammo from the bench near the helicopter fire, and head down the steps at the far end. towards the “boiler room” once there pull the lever on the wall to the left from (right to left) and enter the boiler room where you will find the “Club Key” on the whiteboard, collect it now.

You might have to disgard your knife at this stage to make room for the key…

Once you have the key, leave the boiler room and return to the helicopter fire, where there is another level which you can now activate to extiuguish the flames.

5. MR X ACTIVATION: and multiple LICKER spawning…

Enter the police department and activate mrX by walking towards the helicopter, as he lifts it free, return to the outside area to give yourself some movement room, and avoid his attack…

Run past him and return to the corridoor which is now obstruction free and continue right around past the shutter, and head downstairs, using the “Club Key” gain access to the “Observation Room”

Once you begun your running squence dont stop running until you reach the “observationroom”

6. Once inside combine the “Ornate box with red jewel” to obtain the “STARS Badge” then Jump through the broken window and grab the 9mm ammo from the desk, if required and leave the observation room heading back up the staircase to the “main hall” via the “1F Waiting Room”

Mr.X may at this stage burst through the “press room” wall, if he does dont stop running until you reach the lounge area just before you enter the next corridoor where a licker will spawn

Walk as you leave the “lounge” room and start tracking to the “linen room” and use the “diamond key” to gain access, which you can now disgard. in order to collect the final “portable safe” take this time to examine both of them and reveal the “missing pad keys” for the safety locker room.

7. Exit out of the “linen room”, back through the “library” into the “main hall” then go back through “reception”, and around the corridoor to the “records room” once inside you can then disgard the “clubkey” and collect the “jack tool” they will be a licker in this corridoor now.

8. Heading along the complete corridoor walk back around to the “operations room” jump through the broken window avoiding the licker go to the “safety deposit room” place both “spare key parts” onto the machine…

Enter the following codes:

  • 203
  • 208
  • 109

and collect all three items…. which are pouch, shells, and 9mm ammo boxes.

Leave the room, heading towards the “darkroom” go upstairs to the second floor and through the shower room, along the corridoor into the STARS office.

8. Examine the badge, to reveal the USBkey, and use it on the computer in the far corner, this will open the “Armory” collect the USBkey and examine it again, to return the item to its badge form…

Enter the “Armory” and collect the “Lightning Hawk” if your health is low there is a first aid spray at the opposite end of the room in a white bag, use that now. leave the office and return to the library you will have two options at this stage…

a) Return through the shower block up the staircase to the 3F and through the “west storage room”.
b) Return through the lounge.

9. Once at the library, use the “jack tool” on to lower the bookcase on the rails and complete the puzzle by sliding the bookcases into position to create a bridge across the broken landing…

Go up the ladder and over the top of the bookcases through the door onto the “3F mainhall” turning right go to the end and into the “clocktower” mrX cant follow you into this room.

10. Once in the clocktower place the “large gear” on the machine to the right, which will drop a new staircase into position. then remove the “large gear” again and place it into your inventory. head up the new staircase, and take the “small gear” from the machine near the clock face.

Place the “large gear” into this machine….

Then head back down the staircase, and put the “small gear” in the machine just at the bottom of the steps…

After the cutscene walk around and collect the “boxed electrical part” which can be examined to reveal the second “conductor”

11. Head out of the clocktower, along the back of the “3F hallway” and around to the far door leading to the “East Storage Room” which will need unlocking, past through and down the “Fire Escape” to the “1F” via either the “rooftop” or “east corridoors” then head through the “watchmans room” along the corridoor and return to the “parking garage” via the rear passage way…

Racoon Police Department Section 3


Try to avoid running this entire section of the walkthrough because of licker spawns…

1. Enter the police department and head to the dark room via the “west office” have your shotgun ready and be prepared for any licker encounters…

Once inside the dark room, develop the roll of film which will reveal two photos of two differenct hiding places. These are as follows:

  • STARS office
  • Press Room

If your health is a little low at this stage you can take the “redherb” from the dark room, and mix it with the “greenherb” just outside in the hallway and use it to heal yourself now. on the way out collect the 9mm ammo from the blue lockers

2. once in the hallway, heal yourself, and he up the staircase to the “second floor” pass through the “shower room” and enter the STARS office, and check the first hiding place, which is the desk in the small office, search it twice…

Examine the wooden box, And combine the “red dot sight” with the “lightning hawk” gun

Return to the “darkroom” and develop the bonus photo (optional discard if not interested),..

Either way head back through the “west office” into the “main hall” and return back to the “workers break room” in the sewers via the secret passage again..

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