Resident Evil 2 – Parking Garage RPD Assisted Mode

Parking Garage RPD Section 1 1. Once out of the lift, head halfway down the underground […]

Parking Garage RPD Section 1

1. Once out of the lift, head halfway down the underground staircase, and take a left along the gangwalk and move the cupboard blocking access to the office, a cutscene will begin and you will enter the first boss battle in resident evil, just walk in circles, firing at the creatures EYE when exposed, dont waste your ammo on any other part of the monster.

Once the battle is over walk around the local area collecting any 9mm ammo only, unless your health is really low grab a green/red herb combo to reheal then collect the ammo, finally leave via the released ladder and begin working your way around the gangwalks, pulling the lever in the “control room” will activate the swinging bridge and access to the next “saveroom” and collect

  • Hip pouch from the locker

Exit to the garage via the ladder at the far end of the room…

2. Click the ticket machine by the main gate, and trigger the Ada cutscene, once complete follow ada through the same exit and proceed into the small prision office, and collect

  • Map
  • ammo

Proceed through the rest of the prison section to the far corner and talk to ben, after the cutscene grab the “Crank Handle” and head back to the “Parking Garage” section…

3. Enter the unlocked door on the otherside of the Garage, and head towards the “Morgue” via the “kennels” as you past through the kennels kill all the dogs in the cages using the handgun. This will make things easier on the way out again…

Once inside the “Morgue” head around to the far side of the room and open the second to last coffin and grab the “Diamond Key” exit the “Morgue” turning right on the way out and use the “Crank Handle” to open the shutter to the generator room…

4. Head through the “generator room” collecting the “Boxed Electrical Part” from the table, which can be examined to reveal the “Conductor” then turn on the power using the control box at the far end of the room.

Once the power is turned on you will encounter “zombie K9” as you make your way back around to the “Firing Ranges” location…

5. Firing Range, head inside and shoot the zombie in the range area, then head around to the far door, enter the firing range area and collect the shotgun shells, before leaving unlock the “diamond door” and collect the “yellow tin box” which you can examine to reveal a “Bent Key” take the “bent key” to the parking garage and examine it again…

They are zombie dogs in the parking garage this time.

Once the police car is unlocked, disgard the “bent key” and take the “Gun Stock” combine this with your handgun and head back to the Racoon Police Department via the electronic door at the side of the firing range….

Parking Garage RPD Section 2

You can now return to the prision section and solve the curcuit puzzle, by using the two conductors from your inventory this which open bens cell door, and you can collect.

  • Parking permit
  • First aid spray

1.Time to escape, begin to exit the prision which is now blocked by zombies, have your shotgun ready and loaded, then pull the level on the wall which will open the left side of the prision.

Where you will have a new passage and will encounter Mr.X again, dodge him (or) shoot his head with the shotgun, once he kneels down, get out of the prision using the shotgun to quickly kill any zombies in your way.

Once in the parking lot after the cutscene, insert the “parking permit” restore your health using the “first aid spray” and follow ada to the local gunshop, where you can collect the following items.

  • Long barrel (W-870) which you can combine with your shotgun
  • Box of 9mm ammo

Trigger the cutscene in the gunshop and follow ada to the sewers….

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