Resident Evil 2 Terminal Codes Where to Find?

Where to find the terminal codes in NEST of RE2

In Resident Evil 2, there is a terminal with a keyboard next to the garden in the Nest. It will allow you to open the hatch in the garden and to activate the machine in the laboratory.

To open up the hatch, which leads to the bottom parts of the building, read the code from the hatch. It may differ from the one shown in the screenshot above. Input the code at the terminal.

The code at the bottom of the trophy.

To find the code to activate the machine, you need to find the trophy. It is found in the bottom floor (after getting out through the hatch) on the corner of the corridor which contains the tables. In the Second Run mode, the trophy is found in the freezer on one of the desks. Read the code from the bottom of the trophy and input in the terminal.

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