Wargroove – Sparrow Bombs

Sparrow Bombs

Koji’s Sparrow Bombs is a difficult groove to wrap your head around. It reads “Upon death, they deal 50% of Koji’s maximum damage to nearby enemies”.

Despite saying “Koji”, all Commanders have the same damage matrix/output. So we can pretend it means a generic Commander.

This effectively means it pretends a max health commander is attacking the enemy unit. It applies variance (+-5) then divides the result in half. This means the range of damage of sparrow bombs is quite tight.

Testing sparrow bomb results in custom maps has mostly resulted in only a range of 4. However, some units showed a range of 5. This indicates something strange is going on with rounding and I’m unsure exactly what.

Actual damage should be min damage + up to 4. However, it’s possible numbers are off by 1 due to unknown rounding factors.

Sparrow Bomb Damage Output

Random Sparrow Bomb Notes

  • Sparrow Bombs can kill units.
  • Sparrow Bombs are flying and can be used to block enemy movement.
  • Sparrow Bombs move 5.
  • Koji can move 4 (4), Spawn to tile next (5), move 5(10), explode adjacent tile (11). For 11 total threat range.
  • Sparrow Bombs do not decay.
  • All full health anti-air units deal 800-810% damage to sparrow bombs. Raised by crits.
  • Anti-air units one shot sparrowbombs until they are below about 12% health.
  • Sparrowbombs one shot each other.

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