RimWorld – 1.1 MODS (QOL)

1.1 MODS (QOL) LINK IN DESCRIPTION RimWorld Mods Collection Quality Of Life: (Updated Regularly For 1.1) […]

1.1 MODS (QOL)


RimWorld Mods Collection Quality Of Life: (Updated Regularly For 1.1) and Rimworld Royalty

Don’t start a new game until you’ve checked out this mod list!
A list of essential mods to improve the game’s UI and overall quality of life.

Keep an eye on this Mos List anytime there’s a new patch!

I consider these mods to be QoL as they improve the game without affecting Gameplay balance or introducing Negatives. They are mostly UI improvements, QoL features and AI fixes, most of which can be Customized in the in-game mod settings menu.

All Of these mods In this collection have been Tested and all work together, Adding more mods may cause Errors or Problems When Running other mods.

100% Working and Tested as of 13th of March 2020 – 12:55 Am


Mod Load Order

  • Harmony
  • CORE
  • Hugs.lib
  • Dubs Mint Menus
  • JeCs-Tools
  • EB’s-Prepare Carefully

-To Fix Any Modded Issues After Downloading;

Go to Main Menu options, then mod settings in the mod settings, bottom right, reset settings fixed Any Modded Issues For Me 🙂

-Core Mods Information;





Recently Added Mods

-Overlapping Interaction Spots

-Vanilla Textures Expanded
-Various Space Ship Chunk (Continued)

-Defensive Positions
-Damage Indicators
-Map Reroll

-Mod Switch (Mod Manager)
-Xeva’s RimHair
-Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats


-Door Mat
– heat map
– td enhancement pack
-better workbench management
-smart medicine

-Snap Out!
-Just Ignore Me Passing

-Fluffy Breakdowns
-simple search bar
-Share the Load
-everybode gets one

-All Other Mods
-Alot Of QoL mods

Mod Errors;

As some people seem to be not sure how they should identify which of their mods causes an error, here’s a mini-guide of how this could be done.

Part A: the search for the messing-up mod

1) deactivate all mods
2) start a new game
3) check for errors: no error=continue with step 4; error: start part B
4) end game
5) activate next mod
6) repeat starting at 2)

Part B: is the mod messing up on it’s own, or are there conflicts with other mods ?

1) end your current game
2) deactivate the first mod in your active mod list (skip CORE of course…)
3) start new game
4) check for the error: still present = continue with 5); not present any more = continue with part C
5) end game
6) repeat starting at 2)

Part C: proofing your results

1) end current game
2) re-activate the mod that you deactivated last
3) de-activate all mods between the mods that you identified in parts A and B
4) start a new game
5) check for the error
6a) error still present: report the issues to the makers of the identified mods
6b) error “gone”:


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