Rising Storm 2 Vietnam – Christmas Achievements

Table of Contents Show Christmas AchievementsJoy to the World!I’m on Santa’s Naughty ListLook Mom, I’m on […]

In this guide I will show you how to get all Christmas Achievements.

Christmas Achievements

Joy to the World!

Win a match on the ‘Green Army Men Christmas’ event map.
It’s simple, just win a game!

I’m on Santa’s Naughty List

Lose a match on the ‘Green Army Men Christmas’ event map.
Lose a game, dat simple.

Look Mom, I’m on TV!

You’ll get square eyes if you sit that close!
Fly or just be near a big TV, which playing Tripwire trailers all match long.

Time to Play Santa!

Pilot a helicopter for the first time on the ‘Green Army Men Christmas’ event map. GET TO THE CHOPAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Couch Potato

What’s a holiday without lazing around on the couch?
Get on the couch infront of TV.

Is That Big Ben?

Time flies when you’re having fun!
Fly or be near the big clock at last blue point.

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Burn two enemies with the Flamethrower without releasing the trigger on the ‘Green Army Men Christmas’ event map. Clear and simple.

Rudolph Won’t You Guide my Sleigh…

Twas the flight before Christmas…
You need to fly inside the chimney and get up to feets of Santa. Only pilot gets this achievement.

Christmas Sleigh

Kill five players in one lifetime on the ‘Green Army Men Christmas’ event map.
Simple. No comments.

Ghost of Christmas Past

Now how did that get up here?
Fly on the cupboard near the fireplace(point C). There will be Rising Storm disk. Look at it and achievement is yours.

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Successfuly defend the ‘Christmas Tree’ objective on the ‘Green Army Men Christmas’ event map.
Simple, defend the last obj. at all cost. Achievement is yours. if you made it.

What a Block Head

We’d also have settled for ‘block party’.
Just play an event.

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