Risk of Rain 2 – Artificer How to Get?

Artificer – Survivor How to Get?

When killing enemies, they have a small chance to drop an item known as “Lunar Coin”, and these coins transfer between runs so you can save them up easily if you are lucky with their spawns.
With 10 of these coins, you can free the Artificer and unlock the character (although keep in mind this only works for the person that spent the coins and does not unlock for everyone in the lobby)

However, to get to the map in which the Artificer is found, you need to go through a blue portal. (NOT A CELESTIAL PORTAL)

In order to get the blue portal to open, you must donate a single lunar coin to what is called a “Newt Statue” which is a small rock with blue spikes that is usually find in a crevice or some other hard to find location.
(Due to this, you actually need 11 coins in total to get to the shop and then free the survivor)
Once you donate a token to the statue, it will say “A blue orb has appeared” in chat. Once you get this message, you must activate the teleporter and defeat the boss before it is full charged. (99%)

After this, assuming you got the blue orb message in chat, the portal will open and you can enter the bazaar to unlock the new class.
To clarify, you do not NEED to do the newt statue process to get a blue portal to appear, however it has a relatively rare chance to appear on its own.

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