Risk of Rain 2 – REX How to Unlock?

A quick guide to unlocking REX the new June Update Survivor.

How to Unlock REX

Fuel Array

The first step is to take the Fuel Array located at the back of the drop pod that you land inside of. It’s got a highlighted square that you can interact with displaying the Fuel Array. The Fuel Array takes the place of your equipment slot. It also causes you to explode if you take to high a damage percentage or get to low on health.

Note: Do not use the Sacrificing Shrine you will end up as minced meat.

Finding Rex.

You are able to find REX on the upper levels of the Abyssal Depths (Zone 4).
You will have to take the jump pads to the upper level. There you will find a robot covered in overgrowth. If you have the Fuel Array you are able to interact with him. This will unlock the achievement and make him a playable Survivor.


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