Risk of Rain Returns Survivor Tier List

Discover the Survivor Tier list in Risk of Rain Returns. Our guide explains the comprehensive lists and essential information for your adventure!

Rain Risk is back and better than ever! So what’s on the list of survivors in this renewed adventure? If you are looking for the comprehensive Survivor Tier list in the game, you are in the right place. In this Risk of Rain Returns Survivor Tier List guide, we have explained the lists and the information you need.

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Risk of Rain Returns Survivor Tier List

If you’re looking for a comprehensive survivor tier list, all the details in this Risk of Rain Returns Survivor Tier List guide are for you! Check it!

Tier List

SSS Tier:

  • CHEF – Chef is in SSS tier because he is the simply the best survivor. Monsoon with Chef is easier than drizzle on the other characters. Hoppo might balance this in the future but as of right now Chef is just broken and op. To get good runs with CHEF focus on getting your cullinary arts degree, a few knives, and ATGs

SS Tier:

  • None

S Tier:

  • None

A Tier:

  • None

B Tier:

  • Acrid – Acrid is a slithery funy guy and he’s liable to poison a few fellas.

C Tier:

  • None

D Tier:

  • Commando – Commando shoots guns and honestly it feels a little cliche.
  • Huntress – Huntress has a long bow and would be better if they patched her and implemented a cross bow. Idk maybe crossbow available in future patch
  • Mercenary – Being a mercenary is illegal. Don’t recommend.
  • Drifter – Idk this guy a little bit off kilter
  • Miner – There are no precious/semi precious metals to be found on the maps so miner is obviously not gonna work
  • Loader – Loader is like thanos if thanos had no infinity gauntlet and wasn’t purple. Dont recommend
  • Sniper – Sniper can’t quick scope. (This is obvious flaw)
  • Engineer – Engineer sucked in tf2 and in this game
  • Captain – yarg i’m a captain (????). After further consideration I have decided Captain is actually B tier as well as acrid.
  • Han-D – This guy is useless without chewbacca. Hopefully hoppo adds chewbacca in future patch
  • Bandit– Bandit is actually pretty good but you have to click a lot and it gets pretty boring fast
  • Enforcer – *See commando review*
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