Legendary Journeys Classes, Skills and Maps

Gather your party of adventurers and embark on a quest to rescue an old man’s magically imprisoned son. You need to know some information that will help you move forward on this journey. While attributes, races, classes, and skills add privileges to you, there are also maps to guide you on your journey. All the details are in this Legendary Journeys Classes, Skills and Maps guide!

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Legendary Journeys Classes, Skills and Maps

It is this Legendary Journeys Classes, Skills and Maps guide that helps combine information from many sources, including the player guide, in-game information, and other sources. Each section includes resources provided.


  • Strength: The measure of a character’s muscle and endurance. It affects a character’s melee
  • Dexterity: The measure of a character’s nimbleness and hand-eye coordination. It affects their ability to deflect incoming blows.
  • Reflexes: The measure of a character’s quickness and reaction speed. It affects how fast the
    character can attack and avoid being attacked.
  • Mind: The measure of a character’s wisdom and intellect. It affects how much magical energy is available in spell casting.
  • Body: The measure of a character’s physical toughness and well-being. It affects the amount of endurance and health a character has.
  • Perception: The measure of a character’s awareness around them. It allows them to detect traps and secrets. It also aids in avoiding oncoming attacks.
  • Luck: The measure of how fortunate a character is. It affects many things in a character’s
    adventuring career.

Source: Player’s Manual provided with game


Human: Humans have settled in all parts of Farmoor. They have a natural resistance to the elements giving them a 5% resistance. A natural learning ability grants +20% experience bonus. All classes are available for study.

Half-Elf: Half-Elves tend to look much like their elven parent. They possess the inventiveness and ambition of their human parent mixed with the love of nature and the magical arts of their elven parent. They retain their affinity for magic of their elven ancestors.

  • +2 Mind
  • +2 Reflexes
  • -1 Strength
  • -5 Hit Points

Novice Bows at level 3
All classes available for study

Half-Orc: Half-Orcs tend to look much like their orc parent. They possess much of their orcish ancestry leading to an ill-tempered, brutish personality. However, their human side keeps that in check most of the time which allows them to function among society. The orc’s affinity for combat remains strong within the Half-Orc.

  • +5 Strength
  • -5 Mind
  • +35 Endurance
  • +10 Hit Points

Warrior, Cleric, Death Knight, Necromancer, Mage, or Thief are available for study

Elf: Elves tend to be shorter and slimmer than humans. Though they appear weak and fragile, they are quick and strong. This underestimation of the Elf has led to the demise of many a foe. They find harmony with nature and the arts. Their long life allows them to perfect their abilities in such things. They have an affinity for magic.

  • -3 Strength
  • +5 Dexterity
  • +3 Reflexes
  • +3 Mind
  • -5 Hit Points
  • +20% Magic Resists
  • Novice Bows at level 5
  • Novice Nature Magic at level 5

Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Druid, Paladin, or Bard are available for study

Dwarf: Dwarves are short, stocky fellows with ruddy cheeks and dark, thick beards and hair – sometimes, even the women. Non-adventuring types spend their lives underground searching for precious metals. In turn, they use the metal to craft some of the finest armor and weapons in all the land. They have an affinity for combat and a distrust of magic.

  • +3 Strength
  • +5 Body
  • -5 Mind
  • +30 Endurance
  • +5 Attack
  • +30% To Hit
  • +15% To Crit
  • +20% Disease Resist
  • +20% Poison Resist
  • Novice Axes at level 5

Warrior, Cleric, Paladin, or Thief are available for study

Khoth: Khoth are humans with dragon blood running through their veins. An ancient Thrymm (the Dragon Lord) worshipping cult believed infusing dragon blood within one’s body would grant them the power of the donor dragon. It took many generations before that came true. They have a natural affinity for magic. Their natural abilities are based on the blood of the dragon that was infused. Black, Blue, Green, Red and White dragon’s blood were used in these ancient rituals.

  • +3 Strength
  • +5 Mind
  • -3 Reflexes
  • -5 Dexterity
  • +10 Armor Class

Warrior, Mage, Necromancer, Death Knight, Thief, or Bard are available for study

Source: Player’s Manual provided with game


Warrior: Warriors are the masters of armed combat and defense, taking the point in battles and going head-to-head with the most dangerous creatures of Farmoor.
Available Skills: Chain Armor, Battle Tactics, Dodge, Shields, Axes, Polearms, Daggers, Lore, Bows

Mage: Mages dedicate their lives to learning the powers of fire, ice, and magic; channeling their knowledge into ever more destructive spells to unleash upon their enemies.
Available skills: Leather Armor, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Air Magic, Earth Magic, Mind Magic, Daggers, Lore, Alchemy

Thief: Thieves are the stealthy and vicious assassins that stalk the shadows of Farmoor.
Available Skills: Leather Armor, Lore, Polearms, Bows, Staff, Alchemy, Dodge, Detect Traps, Disarm Traps

Cleric: Clerics dedicate their lives to the gods of Farmoor, gaining magical powers in exchange for their faith and service.
Available Skills: Leather Armor, Divine Magic, Lore, Nature Magic, Water Magic, Air Magic, Staff, Dodge, Shields

Druid: Druids are disciples of the wilds, following the teachings of the Famoorian gods of nature.
Available Skills: Leather Armor, Healing Magic, Earth Magic, Lore, Staff, Bows, Daggers, Haggle, Shields

Necromancer: Necromancers are masters of life and death, utilizing elemental and arcane based spells to overwhelm their foes and assist their allies.
Available Skills: Leather Armor, Lore, Fire Magic, Arcane Magic, Air Magic, Daggers, Maces, Alchemy, Water Magic

Paladin: Paladins are holy warriors who use blessed spells and strength of arms to fight the evil and undead of Farmoor.
Available Skills: Chain Armor, Lore, Healing Magic, Mind Magic, Staff, Maces, Battle Tactics, Daggers, Shields

Death Knight: Death Knights are unholy warriors who use fear, pain and disease to attack all that is good in the world.
Available Skills: Chain Armor, Lore, Fire Magic, Mind Magic, Polearms, Axes, Maces, Dodge, Shields

Bard: Bards are jack-of-all-trades adventurer minstrels who use songs to create a wide variety of magical effects.
Available Skills: Leather Armor, Detect Traps, Disarm Traps, Daggers, Dodge, Thieving, Maces, Bows, Haggle

Monk: Monks devote their energies to the pursuit of physical perfection, shaping their very bodies into deadly machines.
Available Skills: Leather Armor, Lore, Daggers, Detect Traps, Disarm Traps, Haggle, Alchemy, Staff, Battle Tactics

Source: Abbreviated class descriptions from Player’s Manual provided with game. Learnable class skill descriptions taken from in-game


Skills represent a party member’s knowledge and proficiency with that knowledge. Which skills
a character can learn and how knowledgeable they can become is dependent upon their chosen
class. These skills range from mystical arts, weapons and battle tactics to the intricacies of

There are 3 ranks to a skill that represents the character’s knowledge of that skill:

  • Novice
  • Expert
  • Master

These ranks control what a character can do with that skill. For instance, a character who has
mastery in the Arcane Magic skill will have access to more powerful spells than a mage who
only understands the fundamentals of the skill. Refer to the Skills Mastery table (1) to see which
skills a class can learn and what rank they can attain.

To gain the next rank, a character will need to find the appropriate trainer and meet their requirements for training. The next measurement of a skill is the level. There are a total of 20 levels for each skill. This represents the character’s proficiency with that skill. To increase their proficiency, you will need to spend skill points that are gained during your adventurers. Spending of the skill points is an abstract of perfecting their use in that skill. The cost to raise a skill to the next level is equivalent to that level. For example, if your sword skill level is 18, you will need 19 skill points to raise the level to 19.

Source: Player’s Manual provided with game
(1) “Legendary Journeys.pdf”, p. 66/79

Maps (1)

Multiple sections may be necessary to format the maps correctly. I’ll do my best to make sure it stays as readable as possible as I explore and add more maps.

Nerah’s Landing:

Attributes, Races, Classes, Skills and Maps

Fire Temple Island:

Attributes, Races, Classes, Skills and Maps

Maps (2)


Attributes, Races, Classes, Skills and Maps
Druinport Sewers:
Attributes, Races, Classes, Skills and Maps

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