The Talos Principle 2 Stars Solutions & Pandora Statue

Need help with collectible stars in The Talos Principle 2? Our guide has tips and solutions for all stars. Get the details here!

Looking for guide on collecting all the stars and finding solutions in The Talos Principle 2? You’re in the perfect spot! Our ultimate guide, The Talos Principle 2 Stars Solutions & Pandora Statue, provides in-depth details on star collections and solutions. Dont miss out explore it now!

The Talos Principle 2 Stars Solutions & Pandora Statue

In The Talos Principle 2, navigating the 12 main areas of the game is a puzzle in itself. Within these areas, you’ll find Pandora statues that hold intricate puzzles, each offering valuable rewards. These puzzles often require creative thinking and the use of various tools from different locations. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the solutions for each Pandora puzzle, helping you claim the coveted stars and uncover the game’s mysteries.

East 1: The Green Laser Challenge

  • Location: Right of the bridge ring near the No. 8 puzzle room.
  • Solution: Begin by solving the No. 8 puzzle room to deactivate forcefields. You’ll need the crystal tripod, RGB Converter, and hexahedron (the cube). Create a green laser beam by connecting the crystal to the red beam and setting it in the center of the area to direct the red beam toward the distant fan. Disable the fan, place the hexahedron on it, and grab the RGB Converter. Connect the RGB Converter to the blue beam and the red crystal to turn it green. Use the RGB Converter to connect to the green receiver near Pandora. Place the RGB Converter on top of the cube, flip the fan switch, and watch the puzzle solve itself.

East 2: Quantum Driller Maneuver

  • Location: Near the No. 7 puzzle, starting at No. 3.
  • Solution: This puzzle requires using the Quantum Driller to access colored lasers and crystal Connectors. Create a green laser beam and follow it back to Pandora, connecting the green beam to complete the puzzle.

East 3: Unpowered Connectors Journey

  • Location: Near the No. 6 and 7 puzzle rooms.
  • Solution: Use an Invertor and RGB Converter to generate a green laser beam. Follow the beam back to Pandora, utilizing Connectors along the way to make the connections needed to solve the puzzle.

North 3: RGB Converter and Accumulator Play

  • Location: Next to the No. 3 puzzle room.
  • Solution: This puzzle involves using the Accumulator, RGB Converter, and a fan to create a green beam. Make the necessary connections to the Pandora statue and the RGB Converter to complete the puzzle.

South 1: Green Laser Pathway

  • Location: Beside the starting area along the winding path.
  • Solution: Create a green laser beam by bouncing it off Connectors. Use various tools and Connectors from different puzzles to direct the beam to Pandora and complete the puzzle.

South 2: Challenging Green Receiver

  • Location: In an alcove west of the starting point.
  • Solution: Follow a complex path involving Gravshifters, Connectors, and a carefully directed laser beam to connect with the Pandora statue and solve the puzzle.

South 3: Activating Special Switch

  • Location: In the eastern stretch of sand.
  • Solution: Activate a special switch by bouncing a laser off the tower with the blue laser receiver. Use Connectors and a hidden compartment to make the final connection with the Pandora statue.

West 2: The Mysterious Solution

  • Location: On the lower area of the mountain region.
  • Solution: This puzzle requires a workaround involving blue Activators and Connectors to create a beam to activate the Pandora statue.

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