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Rust – Starting Guide

Starting up Rust and Learning Where is your menu? Well first you have to know that […]

Starting up Rust and Learning

Where is your menu? Well first you have to know that in Rust, there a 2 kind of “Wipes”. thes is the “server wipe” where everyones progress and blueprints get completely wiped away, kaput, gone, nothing, ground 0. And them there is the “BP wipes” where everyone on the server keeps their bases, and loot, but their blueprints remain in tact. These wipes usally take place within 1-2 weeks, ors if your lucky, 1-2 months. (Personally, I would look for a server that had wiped the day you get on)

Selecting a Server

Now that you know about the Wipes, lets talk servers. If you click the rust logo next to the t-shirt at the top, you’ll open up a whole list of servers. On the left says the types of servers there are and I have listed as Followed.

  • Official Servers
  • Community
  • Local network (Only works if more people paly on your internet)
  • Friends
  • Favorited
  • History

Official servers usually are pretty hard, thats where all the vets and people who love a hard challenge go, or just try hards, whichever suits you.

Community servers are made by other people in the rust community, usually these are alot more calm than the Official servers, and you can search for specific kinds as well.

Modded, self explanitory, you mine recourses and they’ll fill your inventory, based on what server you join into.

Friends servers. your friends are on there, join at your own risk.

Favorited. If youve played on a server and dont want to lose it, click the little star on the left to put it in your favorites bar.

History…These are the past servers you’ve played

Joining The Server

Hey, you picked your first server, great! Don’t get too enthused yet, you still gotta spawn. unlike Minecraft, you spawn on the beach of Rusts island. If your on a server with low population, you shouldn’t be killed on site where you spawn, but if you spawn in on a high pop server like on the Official tab, you’ll spawn, run a few feet, and die.

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