Friday The 13th : The Game – Deal With Counselors Trying to Kill You

Checking the Situation You’re in and Reacting

Let’s imagine typical end-game situation:

You’re chasing a Tommy Jarvies, while he’s not even trying to fight back. After few minutes (or less) you find yourself in house with Tommy Jarvies and a girl wearing grey sweater.

If that happens you need to immediately move away from this two characters. You can either use “Warp” or “Shift” ability to get away. If you’re Jason with “Run” advantage you can try to escape them on foot, but they have the speed to outrun you so if you have any of the abilities listed before, use them first.

This is how sweater looks like

Preparing to fight back

Knowing your victims can now kill you is stressful situation, right ? But let’s continue with our guide.

After you escaped next step you have to do it is to try to destroy the electrical boxes in order to increase their fear. When you do that you must find counselors, but do not engage them. Just try to get them in range of your sense ability. This way you will be able to tell if they’re sticking together.

Remember, DO NOT ATTACK if Tommy Jarvies and sweater girl are near each other. When you try, they’ll stun you and kill you.

Use your sense ability to track the survivors down

Fighting back

This is the most important point of my guide (besides escaping, if you get killed then, you can’t fight back now), do not miss it.

So now that you know where counselors are, you have to wait until they split. If they don’t split at all do not engage them. But if they do then use this tactic and either attack:

1. Tommy Jarvies – you can either grab him and kill him if he used his pocket knife on you before, if he didn’t don’t do it; or if he used both health sprays and his shotgun then you can murder him with your weapon.

2. Girl with sweater – assuming she doesn’t have pocket knife you can just shift and grab her, however if she has one, warp off immediately or Tommy will come to her rescue, which means game over for you.

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