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The Lickspittalian Code Article 1 of the Lickspittalian code: The Preamble This code of laws is […]

The Lickspittalian Code

Article 1 of the Lickspittalian code: The Preamble

This code of laws is open for any country, or leader, willing to adopt its practices.

Article 2: The basic laws
Article 3: Economy of your country
Article 4: Your government
Article 5: Court systems
Article 6: Epilogue

Article 2; Basic Liberties and Laws

If you pick and choose the laws that are here and their applicacy, you can no longer be considered to be following the Code.

Weapons: All are allowed, except Infantry Muskets. Infantry muskets are reserved for the personal guard of the government, not even the police can have them. Being seen with one is an AOS, and refusal to hand it over is a KOS. Guards must incinerate it if there is no personal guard.

Freedom of Speech: Allowed, but it is different for freedom of the press.
Freedom of the Press: Your choice. You can completely allow it, or just disallow criticism of you. You cannot punish direct speaking to people when it is 3 or less hearing it. However, if the Citizen criticizing appears to be giving a speech, you may arrest them.
Freedom of Religion: Allowed, if the religion in question does not require human sacrifices or anything else that would cause harm to a human.

Dueling challenges are to be reviewed in a court of law. If both parties agree, then the duel may happen there; if one party disagrees, the duel will be reviewed in a court of law.
Prostitution is allowed, as it is a lesser sin than adultery.

Article 3; Economic Principles of the Lickspittalian Code

When using the Lickspittalian Code, you must understand that certain Economic Principles are useless. This article will explain the rates.

Flat taxation: Works. Recommended a 10% – 20% flat tax.
Taxation plans: I, Lickspittle, personally use the following;

Property Tax, including Corporations: 10%
Alcohol: If imported, 15%. Otherwise no tax is applied.
Sales tax: 6%
Weapons tax: 20%

The economic principles of Capitalism shall apply, as it is the only Cohesive economic plan that fits with the code.

Article 4; Foundations of Gov’t

Article 4 covers the ways your government can exist.

Democracies not under unique monarchist influences:
A council, with each person ruling over a unique aspect of the country
An absolute mayor ship, where the mayor can pick and choose as he pleases
A senate, who serve 40 minute terms. They decide for the country.

As for monarchies…
An absolute Tsardom, with the Tsar having complete control
An Elective Monarchy, also with an Aristocratic variant; The nobility/aristocrats meet, and they each vie to expand their dynasty for more power.
A triarchy, with a senior triarch who makes all the decisions. 2 junior triarchs can issue warrents, and veto power.

The only outlawed variants of government are Fascism in all branches and Communism in all branches. Go ahead and experiment.

Article 5: Judicial System

In the judicial system, there are 3 options.

When in a democracy, you must have an appointed judge.

When in a monarchy, you may either make yourself the judge, or appoint one.

The judge makes all decisions, from guilty or not, to whether or not to set bail, or what their sentence is.

Article 6: Conclusion

It matters naught what you believe; The Lickspittalian Code is an important law code.


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