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Leaderboard Rewards Watch_Dogs 2 hosts automated leaderboard seasons that start and stop on specific dates one […]

Leaderboard Rewards

Watch_Dogs 2 hosts automated leaderboard seasons that start and stop on specific dates one after another. Each season containing a unique reward only available once a year. This guide is to assist those interested in trying to obtain any or all of the rewards leaderboards have to offer.

Each Leaderboard Season lasts 3 weeks, or 21 days. At the start of each new Season, the scores are wiped and every player begins at the Recruit rank again.

There’s standalone leaderboards for the following online activities:

  • Co-op Operations
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Hacking Invasion
  • Online Racing
  • ShowD0wn

You earn points toward the Leaderboards by completing these online activities. Even if you lose a match, you will still earn points. Playing any of these three activities will generate a score for their respective leaderboards.

If you quit or disconnect before the end of the match, you will receive zero points, but the player who remains in the match will still receive points – so always finish out your match!

There are six divisions for each online activity’s Leaderboards. From highest to lowest, they are:

  • Master
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Recruit

Each of these divisions (except for Recruit and Master) is then split into five additional divisions, with 5 being the highest rank and 1 being the lowest

You cannot lose a rank in a division on the Leaderboards. Once you have earned a rank, you will always be that rank until the Season ends.

Rewards earned from your division in the Leaderboard will automatically be added to your in-game wardrobe.

There are two rewards to earn each Season. The first is essentially a participation reward – play a few multiplayer matches and you’re bound to reach Silver rank to unlock it. The next reward is the second piece of the set – you want to attain Gold rank or higher to earn this item. These are exclusive items that can only be earned by playing multiplayer online activities. These items are themed sets alternating between hacking culture and real-life events.

Christmas Set

  • Crappy Holidays Sweater (Silver)
  • Vulehead Knit Hat (Gold)

Available Approximately: Early December – Late December.

New Years Set

  • Annual Drinking Cap (Silver)
  • Survived 365 Hoodie (Gold)

Available Approximately: Early January – Mid January.

Dedsec Club Set

  • Club Sitara Sweater (Silver)
  • March of the Skulls Cap (Gold)

Available Approximately: Mid January – Mid February.

Valentine’s Day Set

  • Rad Bromance T-Shirt (Silver)
  • Rad Bromance Visor (Gold)

Available Approximately: Mid February – Early March.

Black History Month Set

  • Making History Cap (Silver)
  • Making History T-Shirt (Gold)

Available Approximately: Early March – Mid March.

52-Hertz Whale Set

  • Sad and Lonely Sweater (Silver)
  • Sad and Lonely Fisherman’s Hat (Gold)

Available Approximately: Mid March – Late March.

Saint Patrick’s Day Set

  • Wee Fellow Shirt and Vest (Silver)
  • Wee Fellow Shirt and Flat Derby (Gold)

Available Approximately: Early April – Late April.

Mother’s Day Set

  • Mama’s Boy Hoodie (Silver)
  • Mama’s Boy Bandana (Gold)

Available Approximately: Late April – Mid May.

2600 Set

  • 2600 Cap (Silver)
  • 2600 T-Shirt and Hoodie (Gold)

Available Approximately: Mid May – Early June.

Enigmatic Set

  • Enigmatic T-Shirt (Silver)
  • Enigmatic Military Cap (Gold)

Available Approximately: Early June – Late June.

Independence Day Set

  • Old Glory Tuxedo (Silver)
  • Old Glory Military Cap (Gold)

Available Approximately: Late June – Mid July.

Summer Set

  • The Leafiest Visor (Silver)
  • The Leafiest Shirt (Gold)

Available Approximately: Mid July – Early August.

Beer Day Set

  • Beer Commander Drinking Cap (Silver)
  • Beer Commander Henley Shirt (Gold)

Available Approximately: Early August – Late August.

Back to School Set

  • Hack to School Sweater (Silver)
  • Hack to School Cap (Gold)

Available Approximately: Late August – Mid September.

Talk Like a Pirate Day Set

  • Plankwalker Cap and Bandana (Silver)
  • Plankwalker Oversized T-Shirt (Gold)

Available Approximately: Mid September – Early October.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Set

  • Hack Like an Egyptian Oversized Hoodie (Silver)
  • Hack Like an Egyptian Cap (Gold)

Available Approximately: Early October – Late October.

Halloween Set

  • Spookshow Jacket (Silver)
  • Spookshow Beanie (Gold)

Available Approximately: Late October – Mid November.

Birthday Set

  • Explosive Party Unicorn Party Horn (Silver)
  • Explosive Party Unicorn T-Shirt (Gold)

Available Approximately: Mid November – Early December.

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