Sackboy: A Big Adventure FIX Stuttering

Welcome to our Sackboy: A Big Adventure FIX Stuttering guide. Game stutter? Here is the fix that worked for me. Try it yourself, it might work! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Sackboy: A Big Adventure game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Sackboy: A Big Adventure guide.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure FIX Stuttering

Game stutter? Here is the fix that worked for me. Try it yourself, it might work!

The Fix

  1. Disable all settings that involve ray tracing
  2. Enter ” -dx11 ” (without quotations) in the launch options
  3. Use an Xbox controller rather than a DualSense controller (or use third-party software. Point is, no DualSense)

Sounds weird, but the DualSense currently doesn’t work correctly and causes major stuttering that only gets worse over time.
Ray tracing is also implemented badly, so running in DX11 helps prevent stuttering in that regard.
You cannot do one or the other to fix the stuttering, you need to do both but it does work, and that’s the main thing


*My PC is running an RTX 3080 w/ a Ryzen 9 5900X. I cannot guarantee the same results if your GPU is of a different series.
Some players have reported stuttering when new things were rendered on their 4000 series cards, which was never really an issue for me, which is the only reason for this disclaimer. Try the fix for yourself and see if this will fix it regardless.
My game was a stuttery sh*tshow, and now it runs like butter.

About Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The evil master Vex (an almost mythical being born of chaos and fear) has kidnapped Sackboy’s friends and forced them to build his Upset.

This demonic device aims to transform Artworld from a fantasy land of pure imagination and innocent dreams to a barren and parched nightmarish land.

A complete beast!

But according to legend, there is a prophecy that speaks of the ancient contingent of Braided Knights, the legendary guardians of Artworld.

In this race against time filled with fears and dangers where words are almost insufficient, only the bravest, bravest, bravest and yes, the bravest can save the day.

The danger is too great.

Wow, the game is super fast too!

Water sleeps, evil master Vex does not. Therefore, you must be quick and catch up with him to stop his evil plans.
Dive into this fast-paced, frenetic adventure with increased frame rates, 120fps* support, enhanced load times on appropriate hardware, and variable refresh rates**.

You are in control!

Save the day with your own style! Play with the PlayStation®5 DualSense™ controller connected to your computer via a wired connection and experience the highly realistic haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects designed specifically for Sackboy™: The Big Adventure. You can also play with a wide variety of game controllers or take control with your keyboard and mouse.

*Compatible PC and display required.
**Requires HDMI 2.1 compatible monitor.

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