Sailing Era Maps

Welcome to our Sailing Era Maps guide. This guide will show you how to unlock each map in game!

Sailing Era Maps – Unlock Each Map

The locations of all the maps, so you can stop using the compass and switch to auto sail, a great help for trade. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Sailing Era game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Sailing Era guide.

How to Unlock Each Map

These are the cities with bookstores, item stores, or black markets where you can buy maps, and the areas for which you can get maps:

  • Lisbon store: Spain map, Portugal map
  • Genoa store: Ligurian Sea map, Tyrrhenian Sea map, Ionian Sea map, Adriatic Sea map, Dias map, New World (x2)
  • Athens store: East Mediterranean map, Black Sea map
  • London store: English Channel map
  • Amsterdam store: North Sea map
  • St. George store: Northwestern Africa map, Gulf of Guinea map
  • Cape Town (black market) store: Vasco de Gama map
  • Zanzibar store: Eastern Africa map
  • Suez (black market) store: Indian Ocean map
  • Muscat store: Arabian Sea map
  • Basrah store: Red Sea map
  • Calicut store: India map, Bay of Bengal map
  • Nagasaki store: South japan map
  • Naha store: East asia (Chinese peninsula not SEA) map

How to Auto Sail, use the Compass and the Map?

You can navigate using the compass, and initially you must do so until you discover new ports and locations to travel to by sailing ship. But it’s a form of travel, and the sooner you get behind it, the better.

Each port or location that you arrive at for the first time or that you unlock through its map will be available in Auto Sail. With Auto Sail you will travel to places automatically. Before sailing, go into Sail Preparation and assign sailors to do the Auto Sail. After assigning sailors, you must select View Routes, and then you can choose the land or port discovered by your character.

So the most important thing about what we have told you in this guide is where you can buy each map, and we recommend you buy them all. Purchasing all of these maps reduces the “labor intensity” of trading and can significantly increase your earnings per real-life hour, as game time moves faster while your ship is auto-sailed. It also makes traveling around the world easier because you can simply set a destination and let your ship navigate you there rather than steering yourself.

About Sailing Era

Sailing Era begins its presentation by introducing four different characters, each located in four countries: Portugal, China, Arabia and Japan. However, they all have one thing in common: they all want to explore the world beyond, each with their own reasons, be it out of sheer curiosity or just a desire for revenge.

The story follows an isometric format that you may be familiar with from games like Octopath Traveler. That was my first impression when I first saw the in-game screenshots of the , and in the few hours I’ve spent playing through each one, the main characters never seem to meet, even if you end up with the exact ones visit places.

However, since the historical period we’re talking about here spans two centuries, I suppose it makes sense. Although it would have been nice to know the exact year each of these stories took place because all you get first is a giant wall of text that feels like reading the textbook definition of the event when I am honest.

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