Schwarzerblitz Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Schwarzerblitz Achievements Guide. This guide will show you all 18 Schwarzerblitz Achievements. Schwarzerblitz […]

Welcome to our Schwarzerblitz Achievements Guide. This guide will show you all 18 Schwarzerblitz Achievements.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements Guide

A guide on all 18 Schwarzerblitz Achievements!

The Easy Ones

These achievements aren’t very hard to get, seriously, all you really need to do is play through the game as normal and you’ll get these. I’m not going to go into much detail on how to unlock them, since you can just look at the descriptions and put two and two together. In short, you can skip this part of the guide if you want.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuidePractice Makes Perfect: Clear Tutorial Mode
– Not only is it an easy achievement, but it obviously teaches you how to use the Trigger Gauge, which is used for the next three achievements

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideIron Fortress: Perform 20 or more Trigger Guards (VS or Arcade)

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideRun to the Hills: Perform 20 or more Trigger Cancels (VS or Arcade)

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideDevil Trigger: Perform 20 or more Trigger Combos (VS or Arcade)
– You don’t have to do anything complex here, also DMC reference.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements Guide14th April, 2064…: Clear the Prologue in Story mode
– Literally the first story mission

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideLightning Strike: Clear Arcade mode once
– This can be done with any character on any difficulty

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideBang Bang Bang!: Consume 500 or more bullet counters (VS or Arcade)
– This one is time consuming, but easy, you’ll probably get it while going for Schrödinger’s Truth

Schwarzerblitz Medium Difficulty Achievements

Much like the easy ones, there isn’t much explaining I need to do, regardless, these achievements will actually require some time, or for you to do something else in order to get the achievement.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideSchrödinger’s Truth: Clear Arcade mode with all 16 main characters
– I recommend you do this on beginner mode to save on time. Keep in mind that you only have to do it with the main characters, so you can ignore any character without their own Arcade ending such as Leo and Sir Rattlebones (The only exception being Donner).

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideThe End?: Clear the Epilogue in Story Mode
– I consider this to be a medium difficulty achievement since you need to go through the entire story mode, which also requires you to go through Arcade mode for story reasons. Much like Schrödinger’s Truth, I suggest beginner mode to save on time.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements Guide
Time is Money: Clear Time Attack mode once
– You have to unlock Time Attack mode first by doing Arcade mode a bunch (same with survival mode), but it’s pretty straightforward otherwise. The max number of rounds is set to 3 automatically while doing the mode however.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideSurvivor: Clear Survival Mode Once
– This one might be a bit tough since you only get one round, your health doesn’t fully regen, and you have to go through 16 rounds instead of 8, but hey, your trigger gauge refills between rounds, and you can set the difficulty to beginner!

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideULTRA C-C-C-COMBO: Perform a 40+ hits combo (VS or Arcade)
– Despite the Killer Instinct reference, you don’t need to pull anything too crazy unless you want to, all you need is H-168 Krave, a full trigger gauge, and knowledge on how to spam Mr. Driller. In other words, haha drill go brr.

The Difficult Ones (The Reason I Made This Guide)

These ones require, skill, time, or in order to complete them. You might need all three in order to do a certain one that i’ll cover last.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideSupreme Diamond Crusher!: Perform a 1200+ damage combo (VS or Arcade mode)
– My guess from the image is that you’re supposed to use Lazer Loyra to do the combo, which makes sense seeing as he’s capable of one shotting everyone. However if you lack skill, patience, pride, or all three, then go to the workshop, download the One Punch Man mod, and grab someone in arcade mode to get the achievement.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideThread Severed (Secret Achievement): Beat Doll in Arcade mode
– I don’t know the exact requirements for this fight, I just got it when I was going through Arcade mode as Arkaneis (more on him later) and got this fight (check the end of the section for a way to get the fight)

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideENiGMA Crushed (Secret Achievement): Beat K-069 in Arcade mode
– For this one, I believe you have to get 2 perfects in order to access the fight, not sure, check the end of this section for a way to get the fight for sure. The only thing I’m certain of for this fight is that Maclay’s Fable (the song that plays in the background) goes HARD AS HELL AND I LOVE IT!

Schwarzerblitz Achievements Guide
Seriously, HOW did you do that? (Secret Achievement): Get a double KO (VS or Arcade)
– ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that’s how. The only other way would be to pick a stage that has a ring out on all sides, get both players to the edge of the stage, and jump backwards at the same time. Otherwise, go into the local files of the game and go to the media/stages folder and pick a stage (preferably lavaCave). From there, open the Config.txt file, change the second number under #POSITION to something extremely low like -1337 or something and save it! When you go to that stage in VS mode, both characters should die, and you should get the achievement, hold down start to return to the menu and make sure you change the number back to what it was in the config file! If you don’t the stage will become unplayable!

Schwarzerblitz Achievements GuideKnowledge Check: Clear all character Trials
– This one is going to be a very time consuming one, especially since you do need to pull off some longer strings with each character.

Schwarzerblitz Achievements Guide

Evil Vanquished (Secret Achievement): Beat Emperor Arkaneis in Arcade mode
– Oh boy this achievement, THIS, ACHIEVEMENT. The main reason why this guide exists is because the requirements for this achievement are numerous, and I don’t want anyone to suffer the pain of having to find the requirements, only the pain from having to fufill them. In order to get the secret Arcade fight with the Doom Emperor himself, you must fulfill these requirements:

1. Game’s difficulty is set to hard or above.
2. You can’t lose a single match.
3. Get three perfects, two of which need to be obtained within the first two matches in order to fight K-069.
4. Get two ring outs before the 6th round in order to face Doll.
5. And finally, beat the climatic “Duel of the Fates” round without using a continue.

Only then, will you be able to face Arkaneis, AND THIS BASTARD IS CHEAP. His undodgeable psycho crusher move, his high/low fireball, and that GOD FORSAKEN FULLSCREEN UNBLOCKABLE TESLA COIL would be more than enough to break your will into tiny pieces, thankfully, this isn’t KOF 2002 UM, so you can retry the fight until you win. The hard part of this fight isn’t really the fight itself (although it’s still pretty hard), but rather completing the requirements, so just keep trying until you’re able to fight him and NEVER GIVE UP!

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