ScourgeBringer – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks These are some basic things to note while playing You cannot move Judges […]

Tips and Tricks

  • These are some basic things to note while playing
  • You cannot move Judges around with a dash attack (The big bosses at the end of every world).
  • You, along with other enemies cannot shoot through platforms that you can jump through. Use this to your advantage if you’re getting shot at.
  • Once you have the “Crystallization” skill unlocked, saving 1000 blood while beating the game will earn you 1 judge blood (the yellow eyeball looking things you use to spend on skills).

Smash Attack

Smash attack is commonly used improperly by new players, so that’s why I decided to go over the basics of the smash attack first. It is slow so it’s not used very often in speedruns except for stunning bosses and mini bosses, but for regular runs it adds lots of versatility.

  • When you see the yellow exclamation mark ( ! ) over an enemies head, use your smash attack to stun them. This works on every enemy in the game and is especially useful vs bosses and mini bosses.

  • You can also “flinch” enemies by smashing them while they don’t have an exclamation mark over their head. I typically only do this to move smaller enemies out of the way and into others. This allows you to move threats away from you for survivability. This also works for bigger enemies, but as you can see, they don’t slide across the screen nearly as much.

  • Here’s an example of moving a turrent to the other side of the map with a smash, useful for breathing room.

Killing Quicker

Killing things quickly isn’t just helpful for speedruns. The faster you kill everything, the less damage you’ll take if done properly. With this technique, you can kill enemies and mini bosses in a matter of seconds before they can even attack.

  • You can melee and shoot at the same time. This is vital for dealing huge amounts of damage.

  • The second skill you can unlock called “Ground Pound” is very useful. If you spam it, it will allow you to kill bosses and packs of enemies much quicker. While also pulling enemies and mini bosses down with you. This allows you to clump groups of enemies together.

  • If combined with other attacks such as melee and using your blaster, you will deal 4 attacks at once on a single target. You must know when to use this properly vs the mini bosses, or they will get thrown across the screen with your bullets, which means you wont be using other attacks on them at the same time. If you use this technique, I highly recommend shooting downwards to keep the boss on top of you for more DPS.


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