Money Maker Passive Income Step 1 Do the First Gundam Seed Mission. Step 2 Head over […]

Money Maker

Passive Income

  • Step 1

Do the First Gundam Seed Mission.

  • Step 2

Head over to Dispatch mission Send ur guys to do Dispatch Neutral Zone.

  • Step 3

You will get Earth alliance mobile armor and some Zaft army mobile suits and armor.
Sell the Zaft army mobile suits. ( organisation list captured units! Dismantle! )

However KEEP the Earth alliance mobile armor! These are the ones you need to get ur passive income ready!

Capture 8 of them from the missions while you do some story missions starting missions.
Once you have 8 of them time for next step wich will then keep the ball rolling endlessly.

  • Step 4

Start Basic training or Mock battle with ur 8 mobile armors or 16 mobile armors if you use both raid groups! ( you can create more raid / warhisps groups by selecting diffrent task for them in organisation group )

Since this is mostly for new people or people who play with warships use raid groups for money maker and warships group for story content. ( Oncea you reach step 5 you can earn more money! )

  • Step 5

Once they reach lvl 10-11 get them to zanchezz through developement.

While you doing the mock battles and daily training 1 time per day you get a special mission for 75.000 creds you can use the zanchezz for that to get a bonus payout! they will allways be 100% if you done it right.

Once you get the zanchezz to 8-10 develope into Destroyer gundams

  • Step 6

Sell the 4 or 8 destroyer gundams for 75.000 creds wich yields 300.000 creds or 600.000 creds with 2 full groups.

This can be done as much as you wish while you activly play the game with your 2 other squadrons eaither raid or warhips in total you should get about 500.000 or 800.000 credits each 2 days.

  • Step 7

Do not forget to do the neutral mission and daily space battle for extra payouts to maximise your passive income.

  • Step 8

While you passively get ur income you will earn additional credits from ur story mission with your 2 battle ships 🙂 ( arch angel is a great one to get first and dominion or the trail blaser! )



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