Destiny 2 – Save the Goblins

Goblins are being murdered in droves. Only by working together can we ensure that they are […]

Goblins are being murdered in droves. Only by working together can we ensure that they are not wiped out entirely by the threats facing them.

Destiny 2 Save the Goblins

What is happening to the Goblins, and why should I care?

Goblins are constantly murdered for many reasons. Sometimes, this is simple materialism, such as a Guardian killing them for extra ammunition. Others misguidedly kill in “self-defense” against the innocent Goblins, and some particularly horrible individuals attack them for sport. Meanwhile, their populations and their native environments are destroyed by much larger threats.

Due to their large groups, many people believe that there are an infinite number of Goblins who can be killed en masse, but people said the same thing about the carrier pigeon and now we’re carrier-pigeon-less.

As for why you should care:

Goblins are hecking adorable. Their heads make up roughly half of their entire body mass, and they wander around scanning things like lost kittens. It’s a wonder anyone can shoot at them without feeling guilty, and yet if that were not the case this guide wouldn’t be necessary.

How should I interact with these beautiful creatures?

Although many fear their safety when near Goblins, this is actually unnecessary. Goblins are more afraid of you than you are of them, and will only attack when they feel threatened. By carefully avoiding groups of Goblins, you can coexist in the Vex ecosystem without bloodshed.

But what if you’re in a situation like the one above, having approached and spooked a small family of Goblins? The best option here is to quickly leave the area. Killing one Goblin as an example is not an effective tactic, as the species is very loyal and will try to avenge their fallen friend. By fleeing, you not only prevent any needless death, but you also help the Goblins build a positive self-image as a strong and capable individual.

Goblins such as the ones in this picture are much easier to interact with. When they are taking naps, getting close to them becomes noticeably easier. That being said, they are still not completely passive. If you accidentally wake one up, you are likely to scare them. It is best to leave them alone.

What is threatening the Goblin population?

The goblins are being attacked by a wide variety of groups. Here are some of the major examples:

Individual Hunters

Guardians are notorious for killing large numbers of Goblins. Their actions are sometimes for resources such as ammunition and holiday baking ingredients. When it isn’t for profit, it is often done for sport. Goblins are generally viewed as satisfying to snipe from a long distance, due to their low health and constant movement. These two purposes leave many to be killed in unsustainable numbers.

These Goblins are two of many killed by Guardians in the Nessus ecosystem.

Spread of Disease

The Taken Blight has also harmed the Goblin population severely. Many become Taken due to blights in their natural habitats, and Taken Goblins are known for violence against their non-Taken counterparts. Though research is ongoing, a cure has yet to be found. For the time being, activists are encouraged to kill Taken on sight to prevent the disease from further ravaging the population.

Symptoms of the Taken Blight include strange glowing and becoming a semisolid mass of smoke.

Habitat Loss

Glimmer drilling is one of the most severe threats to the Goblin population. Despite claims from major interest groups such as the Fallen, the extraction process is devastating for the environment. Unfortunately, officials in the Tower do not care for this fact. They have been bought out by the lobbyists of Big Glimmer, and refuse to accept the consequences of their actions. Although protesters have had success in shutting down some drilling operations, the Vex ecosystem will continue to be devastated until legislation from the Tower finally ends the greedy practices of the major Glimmer companies.

In the meantime, activist groups such as the one seen here are the best defense against Big Glimmer’s evil ways.

What can I do to help?

With enemies such as Big Glimmer and the corrupt political establishment, pro-Goblin activism may seem doomed to fail. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of things you can do to help preserve our Vex friends. Examples include:

  • Switch to biofuels such as Akaline for your Sparrow. They’re better for the environment, and are often cheaper as well.
  • Patrol Vex habitats to help locate and prevent the hunting of Goblins.
  • Participate in Tower-wide protests which call for increased environmental protections and limiting the power of corporate interests. Make your voice heard!
  • If you see a Glimmer drilling operation while taking a morning stroll, remember that eco-terrorism is an ethical and direct means of combating corporate greed.

Everyone has a way to contribute to the environmentalist movement, regardless of class or light level. Together, we can save the Goblins from extinction.

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