Warframe – Railjack, Veil and Solo Guide

Railjack , Veil and Solo Guide Quick Basic Knowleage -All 7 elements have same 1* multiplier […]

Railjack , Veil and Solo Guide

Quick Basic Knowleage

-All 7 elements have same 1* multiplier elemental bonus
-Radiation is the only damage type that has a positive elemental bonus
-In this guide we are relying solely on the railjack to kill the enemies(except the objectives)
-This section is actually useless



  • Mk. III Zekti shield with highest delay bonus as possible
  • Mk. III Sigma reactor or better


  • Mk. III Vidar Carcinnox is best, followed by Lavan, Sigma is neither is avalible
  • Mk. III Tycho seeker


Must have:

  • Zekti Bulkhead
  • Zekti Winged Steel
  • Zekti or Vidar Hyperstrike
  • Maxima
  • Anode Cell
  • Vidar Heat Sink
  • Particle Ram
  • Fire Suppression

Preferable to have:

  • Predator
  • Section Density
  • Conic Nozzle/Winged Cyclone


  • Rank 4 Tactical
  • Rank 3 Piloting
  • Rank 5 Gunnery
  • Rank 5 Engineer

Some Quick Explanation to The Loadout

Zekti Shield can reduces your shield recharge delay to 1 second, meaning you actually have a chance to regen shield during combat, and taking hits with your shield means no repairing and chance for health to regen, thus is a must have. Maxima and Anode Cell will increase the amount of shield regened per second, aka less damage taken by health

Zekti Bulkhead allows you to suffer lots of hull rupture without consequences

Winged Steel provides enormous amount of armor, aka larger effective health pool
Lavan Heat Sink provides 56% incendiary resistance which is the most common damage type

Hyperstrike, Pradator and Section Density increases your DPS, obviously

Particle Ram blocks over half of the projectile types and damages any enemy that fly pass you

Fire Suppression allows you to fix electrical fire without leaving the pilot seat

Tactical allows you to fast travel within the ship to fix fires and craft items and get back to pilot seat
Piloting allows you to dash that losses enemy lock-on projectiles
Gunnery unlocks forward artillery which you will need to kill crewship
Engineering allows you to resupply forward artillery which you will need to do

Carcinnox applies Chem which can make enemy attack each other, meaning less damage taken by you
Vidar Carcinnox has increased range which make it takes less shots to burst a healing bubble from distance, the accuracy is unnoticeable within damage falloff

Tycho Seeker can ohk outriders and ramsled

Things to Know Before You Get In

Always kill ramsled first, heal bubble second, any other things then, crewship last.
Expired heal bubbles gives some enemy constant healing, keep firing at the healing enemy with your main gun, if you can’t outrun it’s healing, keep firing and fire a rocket, the instant damage combine with plasma will kill it, if they didn’t kill it, just keep firing and fire another rocket, just stack the plasma

However kill any non-healing enemies first, including crewship, until you confirm all remaining enemies are healing.
You will need to remember the look of pulse turbine, shipkiller platform and the hanger, as the objective marker won’t appear.

Don’t let any ADHD monkeys who flies in their stupid archwing shooting with their water gun into your squad.

It is always cheaper to restock at dojo, it also decreases the risk of crashing, however you might still want to get back to orbiter like once per five round to further reduce risk of crashing.
The rewards are in your account the moment your ship jumps into hyperspace and see the result screen flash by, just alt+F4 if you got into the endless tunnel.


The first four waves of enemy will consist of 6-15 fighters and 1 crewship, the more tenno you have in your team, the more enemy will exist at the same time, up to 4 crewship at wave 5 and 6.

At the start of each wave, you will launch a particle shield to the enemy, as they headon with you, and have another particle shield on your ship, ideally you’ll want the enemy to hit the first shield and the second shield 1-2 seconds later.

The crewship will launch a healing bubble and a ramsled, fire a missile at the ramsled and then destroy the healing bubble immediately, then shoot at the crewship until the get affected by chem, then you can shoot at other targets.

Kill all fighters before you deal with the crewship.
Always kill all ramsled, and healing bubbles before you deal with other things.
If you are far enough from the crewship, it will become ‘white’ after chem expires.

To kill the crewship, fly to it’s tail, and shoot out the engines one by one
After blowing all engines, the crewship will spin in the same place while being affected by plasma, and should not be able to shoot at you, get a little above the crewship so that your forward artillery faces the crewship directly
When you fire your forward artillery, be careful and not shoot at the engine, or it will deal no damage, for the first node in vile, there will be enough plasma proc on the crewship by the time you shoot out all engines to one shot it

If you do it right, you should see the second wave punch in after you kill the first crewship, each wave and person in your team deceases the downtime you have, that gives you the idea that the speed of which you kill the fighters matters
It is way easier to just fire a rocket to all ramsled and outriders and forget them, if you want you can use rockets on flaks too but it won’t be ohk and you will start needing to worry about ammo count, so better just fire them at ramsled and outriders

Keep at least 5km distance from objectives or they will start firing ramsled

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