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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Guardian Ape Guide

How to Beat Guardian Ape in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guardian Ape Defeat the Guardian Ape […]

How to Beat Guardian Ape in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Guardian Ape

  • Defeat the Guardian Ape

After going through Gun Fort and ending up at Riven Cave, you’ll notice a grapple position directly above you and the idol. After whipping yourself up onto the ledge, follow the path down and continue until you reach another idol: Bodhisattva Valley. Just north is the arena.

First Phase

It’s recommended to be aggressive on Guardian Ape despite the amount of area they give you in the arena. Upon entering, rush towards him and get a few swipes in before his opening animation ends. At the end of the animation, he usually does a right slice, so be on the look-out for that.

Continue to step-dodge to his backside, getting in a few hits before he ends up turning around. If you’re having trouble dodging, I’d recommend hitting him once and then running to reposition before you hit him again.

Feces Throw

One ability is that he throws his feces. You’ll notice him retreat a far distance back and reach behind him. Once this happens, rush towards him quickly. You’ll dodge the throw and be able to get in a few slices before he reorients himself.

If you do end up getting hit, it’ll deal a massive amount of damage and poison you. If you’re having troubles with this part, it’s wise to carry a few antidotes on you in the rare event that you get poisoned. It also helps with his flatulence ability, but that’s pretty easy to avoid.

Sweeping Grab

At certain points through your combat, his left arm will sweep downwards to grab you. This does a lot of damage, so be sure to jump the second you see that ability come up. It’s recognizable by the red symbol floating above your head if you weren’t sure.

  • Fireworks can work well to stun him for a couple seconds.

Second Phase

After you slice the Guardian Ape’s head off, you’ll notice that he gets back up and carries a sword now. This can actually be finished easily with a bit of patience and understanding how his abilities will end up landing.


You’ll notice the red-colored symbol appear above your head. At this point, you’ll want to run away as fast as you can. This causes fear and once your fear bar is filled, you’re dead for good. This happens fairly often but it’s also quite easy to avoid.

Belly Slide Slice

He’ll get a slight running start before diving forward. He’ll send his sword sweeping. If you’re good at timing this, you can just jump over it and slice him a couple of times before he gets back up. Careful, he’ll most likely do his shrieking ability soon after.

Continue to knock his health down and you’ve done it.

Guardian Ape Immortality Severed Achievements

Guardian Ape Immortality Severed

  • Used the Mortal Blade to sever the Guardian Ape’s undying

After beating Snake Eyes in the Ashina Depths, continuing further down will offer you a chance to kill the Guardian Ape once again. The exact same move-set from his headless form will be present here. You will not have to worry about feces flings or poisonous flatulence. Just his fear shriek.

For this fight, you won’t be able to cheese his dive ability like you did the last Guardian Ape fight. The arena is much too small. This time, you’ll want to stick close to him and grab opportunities to slice in between his shrieks. This is by far the best method.

Second Iteration

Once you get the first deathblow down, he’ll summon another ape to come down and fight. This is a lot easier than it actually sounds. Equip your fireworks prosthetic and use this against the secondary ape. You’ll find their stagger bar goes up considerably. It took me about twenty seconds to kill.

Then you’ll go back to fighting the Guardian Ape just like you did before! Once you deliver the final deathblow to him, you’ll want to slice his corpse a few times to allow a third deathblow on the insect that was controlling him.

You’ll go into an animation with the mortal blade and execute them for the achievement.

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