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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – How to get to Hirata Estate

How to get to the Hirata Estate? The Hirata Estate is a very unusual place because, […]

How to get to the Hirata Estate?

The Hirata Estate is a very unusual place because, in order to visit it, the hero must travel back in time.

In order to open this location, you have to begin in the Ashina Castle Grounds, that is in the first full location after the prologue. Explorer the Castle Grounds until you reach the Outskirts Wall. Even before you arrive at the fortress with high walls, pass through the destroyed village. Find the ruined house shown in picture 1. You will meet an old lady there (picture 2). During the conversation with the old woman, you will receive the Young Lord’s Bell Charm.

Go back to the Dilapidated Temple and talk to the Sculptor about the received bell. Stay in the same room and approach the Buddha statue (pictured above). Confirm you want to pray. The game will show you a cut-scene, and after watching it, you will get to the Hirata Estate

After completing a few steps in the new location, you will come across Sculptor’s Idol (Dragonspring – Hirata Estate). You can freely use the fast travel to return to other idols. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to remain in the past until the investigation of the Hirata Estate is complete.

The coast and the way to the Estate

The only way leads towards the big bridge, and on the way, you will meet an NPC (picture above), whom you can ask a few questions. The bridge itself is patrolled by an enemy with a torch. Further enemies are on the opposite bank, and they are accompanied by a group of wolves.

If you don’t want to fight anyone, you can jump into the water and swim under the bridge. If, in turn, the hero is set on fire during the fight, you should use the Dousing Powder, which will remove the fire debuff. This item can often be found as loot.

A good idea is to study a fragment of the bank to the right of the bridge. You will meet a merchant hidden in a barrel Pot Noble Harunaga. He trades unusual currency, namely Treasure Carp Scales.

The Scales can be found around the game world (one of them lies on the bank to the left of the bridge). You can also get them by killing the carps (they don’t attack, but can plunge deeper if they’re not killed quickly enough). From the merchant, you should purchase, in particular, the Floating Passage Text, which unlocks a new ability.

Use the grapple hook to bypass the closed main entrance to the estate. In the new location, you will find, first of all, another Sculptor’s Idol (The Estate Path).

It is worth exploring a small village with several huts, which is guarded by enemies and wolves (watch the shooter standing on one of the roofs). After getting rid of all enemies, examine the bonfire shown above. You can take a Flame Barrel out of it. It is necessary for the production of a new and very useful prosthesis tool called the Flame Vent. More information about this gadget can be found in the section titled Flame Vent.

The stairs will take you to the next part of the map, and you will run into another NPC on the way there. You can also overhear two conversations of the guards located next door. The guards shown on the screen are more important. After getting rid of them, you can open a window to the hut and take the Shinobi Axe of the Monkey. This, in turn, is an ingredient needed to make prosthesis tool called the Loaded Axe. More info about this gadget you will find in the Loaded Axe section.

In the area where you found the axe, you can unlock the gate on the other side to make it easier to get back to the Sculptor’s Idol. It’s also a good idea to explore other side areas and beware of new enemies and the formidable overgrown chickens. In one of the houses, you will meet a thief, whom you can leave alone or attack. You can also talk to the residents of the two cottages. From one of them, you will get free Antidote Powder.

The large stairs lead to the location, where you meet opponents with shields for the first time. Attacking them with a katana isn’t effective, but if you’ve unlocked the Loaded Axe, then you can use it to easily destroy each of the shields. Also, you can just run past enemies or find an opportunity until they expose their backs.

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