Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – R6 Operator Tips

R6 Operator Roles and Tips Changelog v0.1.0 Added base game operator roles and tips to the […]

R6 Operator Roles and Tips


Added base game operator roles and tips to the guide.


Sledge – Soft Breacher

Sledge is one of the most picked operator between high levels, because of his weapons, his gadget, and his second gadgets.His gadget is a perfect breaching device for quick entries, and a good gadget to play as a Lone Wolf too. Sledge is one of the operators who can carry the whole game in the right hands. There is two ways to play Sledge in a right way:

-Play with your teammates and don’t leave their tail, stay safe and open their way to victory.
-Play as a Lone Wolf, and hunt roamers or at least become a distraction from your teammates’ main push. Stay safe though, since getting the attention of roamers is dangerous, and may cost your life, you should be vigilant for every movement and sound near you. Hug your drones tight, and use them for scanning the room next to you before entering for avoiding suprises.

Thatcher – Offensive Support

Fookin’ laser sights and enemy gadgets!

I think Thatcher is the best beginner operator for attacking. Because i need a support which no one plays?  Jokes aside playing a valuable support like Thatcher may be hard for a beginner since you need to stay alive to be useful, but when you stay alive and help your teammates, you feel accomplished. You can clean the gadgets that protects the wall, you can clean the the hallway full of traps, and you can disable nearby cameras and stay hidden while getting ready for a push. Just remember, Thatcher always stays with his teammates to be effective. A team with Thermite (or Hibana) + Thatcher is the best team you can gather since there will be nowhere you can’t go if you play your cards right.

Smoke – Entry Denial

What’s in the canister?

Well i don’t know what’s in the canister, but i know that is deadly and a rusher’s nightmare. Smoke is more effective if he stays on the objective and plays as an anchor. Stay alive to the last 20-30secs of the phase, listen to enemy for the direction they are coming from, throw your gas canisters, and stop them from getting in. You can make them stay out of the objective or at least narrow their time so this makes their push harder, which is a valuable skill to have.

Mute- Defensive Support

They have a Mute!

You will hear this sentence more than you can imagine while you are droning. Why? Because if the Mute plays smart enough, he will be putting his jammers to places that you can do nothing about it. Mute is a drone hunter, and he is a perfect objective protector. What happens if Mute putshis jammers smart? Attackers will be blind, which means no info inside objective, and that means blind attacker is a blind entry meaning they will have no idea where is defenders while pushing into the objective while you know where are they. Also you protect your walls so they can’t breach it if they don’t have a Thatcher, Twitch or Maverick.


Ash – Soft Breacher

Where is your hitbox?

Have you ever played LoL? If you did, imagine Yasuo, this Ash is literally Yasuo. Ash is so strong in good hands like yasuo,but…*sigh* no one plays Ash good enough, Ash is becoming a toxic operator every second the time passes. Fortunately you will be different, right? I hope so! You have a grenade launcher with a breaching round. You can breach soft walls with it. Because of Ash’s nature and her weapons, she is a good Lone Wolf/Rusher. DO NOT approach a fire fight from a long distance with her weapons since the weapons have a big weapon damage drop rate and bigger recoil. Just Lone Wolf with Ash, hunt roamers and then when your team pushes to the objective, you rush from a different direction to confuse the enemy. Why the rush? Because since Ash is so fast and her head hitbox is one pixel, they can’t easily kill you if you play smart.

Thermite – Hard Breacher

Thatcher’s best friend, Thermite uses Exothermic Charge to destroy every wall, even the reinforced ones. Stay with your teammates and Thatcher, see a reinforced wall, destroy that reinforced wall, simple. Use your ability to open new routes for you and your teammates, and open the objective so that you can see the objective in every angle. If there is a garage door that can be breached, you will be probably needed. Thank you! This country will remember your sacrifice and services, you great person!

Castle – Entry Denial

Castle…more like Luke Cage.

As soon as you pick Castle, you will hear this famous sentence: “Please don’t pick Castle.” Why?
Because of things unexperienced Castles done in this community. But if you play good with Castle, you can protect your objective, teammates, yourself, and the gadgets. A good placed castle barricade may delay rushers, or amy even stop them. DO NOT put your castle barricades in the beginning of the phase, and DO NOT trap your teammates into a room. Close your barricades, and anchor in the objective. If you want to roam or at least change room/position, you can use your grenades to break your barricades really quick.

Pulse – Info Roamer

Literally wallhack.

I am not joking. You are so powerful, you have godlike powers. Roam or at least lurk near the objective to get info of enemy positions, tell your teammates, and use the info to hunt the enemy yourself. Learn the distance of your gadget, because most of the people think there is noone but the problem is that the enemy was just out of the gadget’s area.

GIGN (France)

Twitch – Offensive Support

Remember the drones you use in the preparation phase? Well, Twitch taped a taser gun on hers.
You can shoot your taser on your drone to hurt someone,and destroy a gadget. Use your drone extra careful, since if you lose both of your drones, you lose a pair of eyes, AND your ability to destroy traps and gadgets. You CAN play as a lone wolf, but NOT RECOMMENDED since while droning, you expose yourself to roamers. Your job is very similar to Thatcher. destory the gadgets behind a wall to help Hibana or Thermite.

Montagne – Entry Fragger

We need to build a wall!

Cover is a life saver in a fire fight. But what if your cover is portable? Better than a stable one, because when you do a push, you can protect behind your shield. You have a shield with a pistol to protect yourself when left alone or at least isolated. When you extend your shiled it provides extra cover to you and the teammates behind you. You are the push’s main element, making it easier. This means that you need to stick to your teammates no matter what.

Rook – Defensive Support

Take those plates!

Best beginner operator in this game. Good weapons, easy ability, usefulness for the whole team.
What else would you like? But please… DO NOT forget to put your armor bag in the beginning of the round or teammates can’t use them. You have MP5, a very good weapon with access to the ACOG scope which is very valuable for a defender. Your job is to provide armor to your team, and hard anchor on objective. Protect it better than your life. Because every second you protect it, the faster the reinforcements can come and help you win the round.

Doc – Medic

You need a medic bag!

Basically Rook on drugs, and a nightmare to anti-vaccine people. You have a stim pistol that shoots stims to heal your teammates, hostages, or if you are a troll, enemy 😀 stay on objective and protect it while healing your injured teammates. If you can’t leave a cover to revive your teammates, simply shoot them with the stim pistol. By the way, if your teammate took Rook, you can pick Doc. Take his armor and heal yourself when going in a fight and become a Level Boss.

Spetznaz (Russia)

Glaz – Sniper

What is the difference between an artist and a sniper? Thermal Scope!

You are the sniper of your team, a lookout that gives info of enemy positions, or a sniper that controls the crowd in the objective. Use your thermal scope with smoke greandes for minimum exposure, but expect the enemy to shoot the smoke, so be careful! Spend your first quarter of the round time to tell info to teammates and control the objective, and then start pushing it. Your death isn’t a loss, but if you stay alive, you are most useful.

Fuze – Offensive Support

I heard we are playing hostage…

DO NOT play Fuze in hostage gamemode unless you KNOW what you are doing. Fuze might lose a round with a bad play, or he might win a round in good hands. Go up the objective or behind the objective wall, and use your cluster charges to flush the enemy out of the objective. They don’t leave? Oh well, their loss, your gain. Play as lone wolf, since your death is not a loss, so don’t risk your teammates’ lives for a cluster kill or objective flush.

Kapkan – Entry Denial

Sometimes, old ways are the best ways.

Don’t forget these words, because if you want to play Kapkan effectively, this should be your mindset. Setup your traps to a doorway or a window, and wait for an enemy to pass it. BOOM! Now not only you hurt the enemy, but also you and your teammates have an info of your enemies’ whereabouts. Use it against rushers by using the traps on doorways near the objective, or use it as an info tool to now enemy positions.

Tachanka – Hard Anchor

Our Lord and Savior is here.

DO NOT play Tachanka if you KNOW what you are doing. This community made him look bad enough. I mean yeah, in high level Tachanka is pretty useless, but before that, he is pretty much exterminator of enemies. Just put your turret to a choke point, minimize your exposure and unleash hell! I advise you to change position after one to two kills whenever the opportunity provides, because enemy already has a general idea of your position, and will use different methods to kill you. But if you are clever, you can use this as a cat and mouse game. While they push your last known location, flank them to punish. DO NOT play in ranked if you don’t want to be kicked from the game.

GSG9 (Germany)

Blitz – Entry Fragger


Put the “Running in the ’90s” song in the background, drift around, WIN! Jokes aside, you are the main push element of your team. You have a shield with a flashbang built in. Use your shield by rushing enemy while flashing them to make them blind, you are the nightmare of the whole community, especially of the low levels.

IQ – Support

Hi! I am John from the IT department.

You are the IT gal of the team, find the traps and inform your teammates, or hunt roamers that use gadgets actively. This means you have two gameplay types:

-Play as support with teammates to inform about any gadgets or traps near you. Stay safe, and when the push phase comes, push the hardest since you are probably team’s fastest.
-Play as a lone wolf, hunt enemies with gadgets to help teammates by reducing the threat that team have to deal with.

Bandit – Roamer


Bandit is basically Mute on drugs. Put your car batteries behind reinforced walls to stop enemy penetrate it, and go roaming. He has a good SMG, i recommend you to use it without any sight attachments since its iron sights has clearest view of all of the sights. Play smart, play cat and mouse, go roam and kill someone, change position, and then kill another enemy that came to the position to investigate, REPEAT.

Jager – Roamer

You can stop worrying about grenades now.

Use your gadget to protect the objective from projectiles, and roam. Jager is the only defender that has an assault rifle…carbine to be exact. Use this advantage for hard push to the enemy, or use it to spawn peek, but be careful and remember that you don’t have an ACOG so you have disadvantage in this strategy.

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