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Serin Fate Walkthrough & Guide

Serin Fate Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to our Serin Fate Walkthrough & Guide. This guide will walk you though the first few steps into the world of Serin Fate and get you acclimated to several mechanics and requirements to pass the very early game with relative ease.

Do note that while I will cover helpful mechanics and how to go about Serin Fate, a portion of this guide will cover how I personally play, and there are other play styles available in game.

Starting Out! – Serin Fate Walkthrough & Guide

You start with character creation and are faced immediately with a VERY VERY big decision…. no not cosmetics (though that isn’t to say they aren’t important) but rather the race you choose.

You have three options for the character’s race, each comes with it’s own perks

  • Serin (Bird people)
    Have a higher max mana pool and have a natural mana regeneration rate.
  • Val (dog,cat,rabbit…. things?)
    Have a higher max hit point pool and can better refine metals
  • Humans (Odd looking primate thing)
    Have a higher selling price, or lower buying price for various items in the game and are slightly better at combat

Each race has there own perks that will apply though out the game, though some are more relevant than others.

And your off on an adventure! The next major decision point is what type of starter weapon you want, a Wand or a Sword? (note your choice does NOT effect the ability to switch later on. It is only a starter weapon. However this is the ONLY copy of the sword in the game)

  • Wands offer a longer range and a wider area of impact but can NOT be spammed by holding down the attack key. As of the time of writing Wands also offer the ability to dodge.
  • Swords offer speed, a wider arc and the ability to just hold down a key to attack over and over.
    Both weapon types have a charge attack that consumes mana in exchange for a very hard hitting skill, though it takes a bit of time to charge up.

Regardless of what you pick, you are now on your way up to becoming a Witch!

Hidden Mechanic #1! – Serin Fate Walkthrough & Guide

You learn this later on in the game but … for ANY flower if you swipe at it with your sword or wand three times before you pick it you have a chance at getting Dust, Magic Dust and Fairy dust!

Why is this important? Well, magic dust and fairy dust sells for a LOT of cash and that allows you to buy stuff later on to accelerate the start of the game. Collect all that you can!

The Path to Which Witch is Which Witch for Witchery

Along the way you might see some crows hanging out in a tree. Scare them away because crows can drop some valuable items and gear! Getting lucky can easily save you a decent amount of time and effort later on.

Next up is the choice to view the opening ceremony or not. This is entirely up to you but by viewing it you gain the chance to loot acquire some valuable early resources!

Most valuable here is the seed pockets which look like.

And hey walking over that precipice looks mighty dangerous.. but it could be worth it….

Now you go though the motions and story line for being a witch (or you skipped it)

Next you can pick to do the tutorial or not.

Next You wake up in a house (your house now) in front of a magic mirror! (no you aren’t the most beautiful of them all, the mirror is the grumpiest of them all)

This being you to the next MAJOR decision. What runic nature you want to be. Also asked as ‘How do you feel?’

“Like a sapling” will attune you to Nature. This provides +20% exp from ALL sources, plants grow faster, and a chance for giant plants to form without the skill tree trait.

  • “Electric!” will attune you to Storm giving you +20% damage, an innate attack (drone ish) and automagically making dry soil wet when you pass by
  • “Bright and radiant.” attunes to Sun. This makes mining and woodcutting spells 40% more powerful, and give you an innate rank of heat proof (of 3 possible)
  • “Luminous…” is the Moon attuned answer and provides More chimera spawns, night glow, and all moon monsters will not outright attack you.
  • “Dark and mysterious.” makes for a Void attuned benefit. This gives an additional 100% mana link (see later) power, extra Hp/MP drops from monsters, and +10% runic resistances

I personally find the Void is the most powerful, but pick what you want and like. This does effect future game play but as the game is relatively well balanced around runic elements it doesn’t make MUCH of a difference. Just be aware that if you pick Storm your going to have a bit of a hard time until you get another chimera.

The two key items you need to exit are in the bed room, and upstairs.

HARD MODE can be enabled here and only here at this time by interacting with the skull. I personally do not recommend this for first time players. Hard mode give monsters a fairly significant buff to hp (5-10 times) and increases runic multipliers but also gives more and better drops.

Finally once you try to Exit, Coco (the head witch) will stop you and let you pick an interest and a chimera. Interests aren’t that important since you can craft them all, but free stuff and all.

Interests and what they do:

Gathering – Magnifying glass: which gives hidden spots a nice sparkle. Hidden spots are ONLY obtainable with this item and give anything from gold to juju fruit (max hp increase) and mana globes (max MP increase). Arguably the best choice

Witchery – Mana pearl: generates 1 mana point at random when you cats a spell. between a 33 and 50% chance.

Gardening – Magic watering can: make soil wet when you stand around it. MUST be equipped to work

Chimera – Magic stone: chimera escape capture spells less (~5%)

Fishing – Fishing net: greater chance to get Bait from fishing.

Mining – Magnet: chance to pull crumbles from ore nodes

Next you come to the chimera choice. Once again this doesn’t matter much and is dependent upon what runic element you picked before.

A bit about Chimera —

Gender – located under the level, there are three genders, Male, female and hermaphrodite. you can breed chimera but you need to follow traditional biology and can swap in the Hermaphrodite for either or both genders.

Runic power – this is a number from 1 – 999 with the average about 400. Higher is technically better as it deals more runic type damage. As mentioned runic (dis)advantage exists so a high value is good and bad.

Traits (the diamond) – There are various traits that a chimera to have and they are all good, though some are better than others. Happy chimera are great for pens as they dont need food. Hyper are great for adventures as they dont get tired. Vicious is decent as they have a chance to one hit KO a monster.

Stats- a portion of the chimera stats apply to you. Chimera gain stats in a certain area upon level up. To view what stats a chimera get upon leveling up, put it in a pen and click the view information on the chimera.

Energy – when this gets low the Chimera starts to preform worse and worse. toss them in a pen to regen the energy. Have a snozzle bin in the pen and it regens faster!

Happyness – different from the trait, when this is full (100/100) the chimera can breed (by being fed its fav food, the ‘female’ needs feeding only, needs a nest in the pen). When Happyness is at 100 the chimera also has a chance to crystallize this into a ‘Pearl’. which is a type of currency that you WILL need

Once outside your house the small chest has a spell book with the spell wood cut 1 this can be put into the main 7 of your inventory and space (or action) to use it and learn the spell.

Hidden Mechanic #2

Like flowers, stones can be interacted with three times to have a 33% chance to drop a ‘Wen rune’ these when put with a piece of gear in a cauldron and activated will re-roll the stats. you WILL want as many of these as possible.

Stat and Skill Points – Serin Fate Walkthrough & Guide

Every level up you get stat points and skill points (of the category type).

Stat points can be assigned in the equipment section (Tab, equipment).

Hovering over the different types (COM, CP,DEX,INT, VIT) will give you an idea of what they do.
while here you can also hover over the runic attributes to see the runic hierarchy. Gaining runic resistances will lower the damage taken from the runics that the one you gained resistance in is strong vs. (IE gaining Moon runic will lower your damage taken from Sun and Nature)

Skill points can be spent in the skill tree. (middle mouse button, skills) The recommended route to follow is shown below.

This is because you NEED miner II to mine Iron and Obsidian.

Note: You can cast spells as many times as you want on resource nodes. This works very well with Obsidian.

Resource Refinement

So, now you have a bunch of bits bobs and knickknacks. The bench next to the chest will all you to craft items. To get more recipes you need to notebook items. A forge needs fuel (wood logs, coal, and fire salt) to work. All crumbles, runes, sand and ore can be smelted, with a failure resulting in ash.

The basic bench will let you craft a few items and you will want to make a heavy bench soon. But to do so you need hard wood. Well hard wood requires the Forester II skill. But you need planks for this as well, and planks to make a saw mill. Luckily for you there is a free saw mill south of the cross roads.

Thankfully you dont need to sit there and wait for it to finish works (nor any of the craft stations) so load it up and be on your way!

Gearing Up!

Well now you have Stats and skills only one last thing to do before venturing into the wider world. Gearing up!

I recommend buying some rings, a necklace, a cape, and a better sword (or crafting them if you can) before going out. Rings and Neck items can be bought at night (9 pm to 5 am) from Seinna’s shop. Swords capes and baubles can be bought from Ruby’s shop during the day (8 am to 9 pm).

A word of caution before going out, breakable grass such as the type shown below CAN AND WILL Spawn monsters when you walk though it. It is a low chance (5-10%) but it happens more often than not and can seriously mess up a run. Lucky for you, swording or wanding the grass causes no monsters to spawn. only running though it.

Extra – Chimera

Extra Chimera that you have caught can be placed in a pen to produce pearls. However, they require food, and the ability to keep the crows away. Food goes into a food trough. Food can consist of Chimera chow, or fish.

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