Shadows Over Loathing Sandwich Museum

This guide will show you how to help the people of Sandwich. If you’re ready, we […]

This guide will show you how to help the people of Sandwich. If you’re ready, we can start exploring the Sandwich Museum in Shadows Over Loathing.

Shadows Over Loathing Sandwich Museum

Welcome to our Shadows Over Loathing Sandwich Museum guide. If you’re ready, we can start exploring the Sandwich Museum.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Shadows Over Loathing game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Shadows Over Loathing guide.

Gaining Access to Historic Sandwich

This is all super basic stuff to even get to Historic Sandwich in the first place.

First things first, advance to Chapter 2 to gain access to Crystaldream Lake. Next, talk to the guy at the light house, he’ll then show you the Hardware Store on the map. Go there, and talk to the guy in charge, he’ll eventually let you walk into his storage room. Then, go into the Time-Distortion door. From there you want to go back out into the main store and talk to the young store owner. You want to ask him about his outhouse rentals, and buy the last one. When he asks where to put it say “The Sandwich Museum”.

Now that the outhouse is at The Sandwich Museum we can start, make sure you have the Sandwich Museum discovered. If not, it’s an easy fix, just wander around until you find it.

Defending Patricia Williams Against Theft (The Pocket Watch)

To begin defending Patricia Williams head through the Time-Distortion Outhouse now in The Sandwich Museum, and enter the church. From there interrupt the trial and offer to defend Williams pro-bono.

First, go to Danforth’s house, the first one to the left of town, and talk to the woman inside. Talk to her and mention that you met Tom Danforth, the guy whose pocket watch got stolen. From there she’ll mention that Tom Danforth loved his pocketwatch so much he wanted to be buried with it.

Armed with this knowlege go back to the present and go to Tom Danforth’s grave, you’ll be able to dig it up with a shovel.

If you don’t have a shovel at this point you can find one inside the junkyard. To gain access the junkyard just progress through the main story line and the lighthouse guy will give you the location when you find his glaxton valve.

After digging up the pocket watch bring it back to the past, and present it to Danforth inside the church.

Defending Patricia Williams Against “Making a Dumb-Looking Doll”

Staying in the past, enter the Proctor house, the big one on the right side of town. From there go to the tapestry and hide behind it, you’ll learn that Peter’s nightstand has a secret compartment.

Go back to the present and enter the Proctor’s house. Go upstairs and head to the 4th door down, this is Peter’s room. Move the velvet rope out of the way, and enter. Search his nightside and find the secret compartment, you’ll find a severed ragdoll arm.

Head back to the past and present this to Danforth inside the church.

Defending Patricia Williams against Defamation (Calling Peter Procter a Stinky Head)

Go back to the present and enter the gift shop buy 2 peices of rubbing paper. (You’ll need the second one later). Go back to the past and head to the outhouse find the graffiti and rub it on the rubbing paper.

Go back to the present and enter the burned house and check the old book. You need to tear out the page, but someone is watching. No amount of talking will convince this guy to look the other way. So, go to the doll and pull out some of the pins. Now, go tell the guy that the pins are on the floor so he’s sufficiently distracted. Go back to the book and tear out the page.

Go back to the past and present the evidence gathered to Danforth.
You’ve successfully defended Patricia Williams of all charges! But we’re not done here.

Preventing Peter from being a “Doody Head”

With the second rubbing paper you got from the gift store go back to the present and find Peter’s gravestone. Use the rubbing paper on it and head back to the past, show it to Peter who will then try to become a better person.

**I’m not actually sure if this is required for the achievement but this is what I did my first time around

Preventing Delia’s House from Burning Down

Continue talking with the group inside the church and ask for Delia’s house key, she’ll say that she lost it when wandering out in the woods. However do not go wandering now, you need to find a metal detector. To find a metal detector you need to advance to chapter 3 and find one in Rufus’ lab.

To find Rufus’ lab head to the Vector Wing and go into the Barbeque Wing. From there head into the Steam Tunnel Access door, head down and go right until you reach a door with holes on it. Once inside, right behind the mirrors is a Metal Detector, ask if you can borrow it and he’ll give it to you.

Now head back to Crystaldream Lake and to back to the Museum of Sandwich, from there wander until you find an extremely rusty old key, this is Delia’s house key. You should only wander once until you find it.

Head back to the past and enter Delia’s house, the one that’s burned in the present. Enter it with the key and snoop around, you’ll see a lamp on a night stand, move it.

The Cellar

You’ve probably noticed the cellar by Proctors house by now, and when in the past it asks for a 5 letter code. The code is Fulke.

If you want to find the code for yourself head to the now unburned house in the present and look at the picture frame, you’ll find a date on it. Head back to Ocean city and into the Watchful Eye, the Newpaper place, and look at the 1860-1879 archive. You’ll find that someone misplaced an article from the 1600’s in there. Look at it to learn of the founders name, Fulke. That is the code to the cellar.

Go back to the past and enter the code on the cellar door. You’ll find a ritual circle, mess with it.

Head back to the present to find that Sandwich is now a normal historical town!
Congrats you should now have the achievement 🙂

If there is anything I missed or got wrong please tell me!

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