Shadows Over Loathing The Prince of Tides Achievement

Welcome to our Shadows Over Loathing The Prince of Tides Achievement guide. This guide provides the […]

Welcome to our Shadows Over Loathing The Prince of Tides Achievement guide. This guide provides the proper sequence of actions needed to obtain the “Prince of Tides” achievement. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Shadows Over Loathing game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Shadows Over Loathing guide.

Shadows Over Loathing The Prince of Tides Achievement

This achievement is terribly difficult to obtain not only because there’s so many different choices to make, but also because any single dialogue mistake made in any part of the quest can ruin your chance to obtain this achievement for the entire run (meaning you HAVE to restart the entire game from the beginning if you fail)!

The final “rewards” you get from the quest are also laughably pitiable (to say the least), but to be honest all that really matters is just the achievement. Hopefully with this guide, you should be able to obtain the Prince of Tides achievement, regardless of which side you choose to help.


  • 6 Moxie (yes there is a stat test involved)

Divergences in Final Rewards

tl:dr; Due to the difficult nature of this quest line, this guide will have you negotiating with Adam Tracy, as he is the easier of the two to successfully complete
The only major difference in this quest line is choosing which person to negotiate your right to fish at Largemouth Bass & Sons. You can either talk to Guy Chapman on the left side (the one who has a son) or Adam Tracy on the right side (the one with a daughter).

Both sides offer you 300 meat and a fishing rod (and even a bonus pack of Cola Wars cigarettes), but the rods slightly differ between one another.

  • Perfectly negotiating with Guy Chapman (e.g. return his son, don’t return the girl (unless you convince Chapman that saving the girl is also okay) ) will reward you with the Chapman’s doubler (Muscle + 3 Physical ranged weapon).
    The Prince of Tides Achievement (WIP)


  • Perfectly negotiating with Adam Tracy (e.g. return his daughter, the boy doesn’t really matter) will reward you with the Tracy’s impossible rod (Moxie + 3 Physical ranged weapon).
    The Prince of Tides Achievement (WIP)

Discovering your right (or lack thereof) to fish

All you really need to do in order to complete this achievement is fish up the legendary Largestmouth Luke (the fish? the myth the legend) at Largemouth Bass & Sons. Simple enough. However the not-so-easy part is earning the right to fish on-site. Before you start negotiating the terms of your contract (i.e. starting the quest), your character must discover that inability to fish.

Once you arrive at Largemouth Bass & Sons, you must attempt to fish for anything near Chapman’s building on the left, at the spot show below:

The Prince of Tides Achievement (WIP)

Attempting to fish will result in resistance from the nearby guards. Regardless of your choice, you cannot fish without permission. Attempting to open the rightmost door inside the left house using a cursed key will also result in failure before agreeing to the terms of conditions.

Now that your character knows their inability to fish without permission, it is time to negotiate your right to fish at Largemouth Bass & Sons.

Negotiating your terms CORRECTLY (The Art of the Ichthyophil)

Now here comes the hardest part of the entire quest: accepting the quest. It is important to note that your character’s right to fish is NOT GUARANTEED under normal conditions. You MUST go out of your way to get the right to fish at Largemouth Bass & Sons. Failure to navigate the dialogue choices correctly (i.e. negotiate) will result in the fishing area being permanently locked until your next run.

This guide follows the Adam Tracy route (return the girl) as it is the easiest of the two to successfully negotiate and complete.

Negotiating with Adam Tracy:Walk all the way to the right and enter the rightmost building at Largemouth Bass & Sons. Make sure your Moxie stat is currently at 6 for the stat check. Converse with Adam Tracy and choose the following options:

  1. [1] I have a question about your daughter.
  2. [1] It sounds like she might have run away from home.
  3. [1] Occams Gator?
  4. [1] Keep listening
  5. [1] You think Occams Gator ate Cathy?
  6. [4] Is there a finder’s fee?
  7. [1] How about throwing in fishing rights? (6 Moxie)
  8. [2] Deal.

If done correctly, you should see the following:
The Prince of Tides Achievement (WIP)

With the deal sealed, it’s time to find Tom and Cathy.

Finding Tom and Cathy

You need to somehow find the Abandoned Truck, which is what the kids used to flee from the swamp. You can either discover it randomly on the map while wandering or look for the Treehouse. The treehouse is easier to find (from my playthroughs) and after a short stat test ( 7 Muscle ) to climb up the tree, you can use the telescope on the left to find the truck consistently. Once you find the truck, loot it and go to the Bus Stop to find the two waiting on the bench for the next bus to come.

General path:
The Prince of Tides Achievement (WIP)

Occams Gator

This part is pretty straightforward, just stall the kids long enough for Occams Gator to arrive to take them home. Here are the dialogue choices:

  1. [1] Hold on. Are you Tom Chapman and Cathy Tracy?
  2. [2] I’m working for your bass-fishing father.
  3. [2] I need to take you back to your parents.
  4. [2] Unfortunately, I was hired to bring you home.
  5. Choose any option besides the 10 moxie stat test option, as long as Occam’s Gator comes
  6. [1] Occams Gator? That’s a real guy?
  7. Any choice up until “You want them to be miserable?”
  8. [3] You want to take them back? Be my guest.
  9. [3] Go ahead, take them. I assume I get paid either way.

With the easiest part out of the way, it’s time to claim our prize!

Clam-ing your Prize – Shadows Over Loathing The Prince of Tides Achievement

Return back to Largemouth Bass & Sons and talk to Adam Tracy in the right house once more. As soon as you talk to him he should give you both the fishing rod, meat, and, most importantly, the key to the rightmost door in the Chapman house:

The Prince of Tides Achievement (WIP)

You can choose the 1st option to also claim your bonus prize (a pack of Cola Wars cigarettes). Head back outside and go all the way to the left to enter the Chapman house. Although you will initially be met with some resistance from Guy Chapman himself, keep pushing through and open the door on the right side:

The Prince of Tides Achievement (WIP)

Outside on the other side of the fence, it is time to do what you should have been able to do before this whole mess: fish.

The fish, the myth, the legend

Fishing at that particular spot should trigger a dialogue with the legendary Luke himself. Fortunately the choices don’t really matter at this point (or at least spamming the spacebar/E doesn’t). At the end of his long speech, he rewards you with his calling card: the conch shell.

The Prince of Tides Achievement (WIP)

Obtaining this conch shell should finally reward you with The Prince of Tides achievement.


To be honest, I’m not even sure you can get the doubler and this achievement at the same time since fetching both the boy and the girl results in failure. You must only return the boy or somehow convince Guy Chapman that saving Cathy is okay. For the purpose of this guide, this route isn’t fleshed out yet since it adds unneeded complexity to an already annoying achievement.

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